The best temperature for red wines with Mitchell Taylor from Taylors Wines


The best temperature for red wines with Mitchell Taylor from Taylors Wines
Think that red wine should only be consumed around the fire in winter? You'll change your mind when you try these delicious chilled drops.

Why can some red wines be served chilled?

With our warm Australian climate and custom of keeping the reds in a cupboard or wine rack, we suggest lightly chilling a red wine before drinking to showcase its unique balance of flavours and aromas and to bring out the subtle characteristics of the wine.

What temperature should reds be cooled to?

Lighter varietals like Pinot Noir and Tempranillo are best served colder to bring out their subtle flavour characteristics, while bigger red wine styles only need to be lightly chilled to between, this balances the natural acid of the wine with the alcohol and tannins. Based on our research and suggestions from our Chief Winemaker Adam Eggins, we’ve found that the following varietals are best served at the associated temperatures:

Pinot Noir: 12˚C – 14˚C

Tempranillo: 14˚C – 16˚C

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Shiraz: 16˚C – 18˚C

What foods go well with chilled reds?

The traditional food pairings of red wine still apply even when your wine is just lightly chilled. During the warmer months, I enjoy barbecued lamb with a lightly chilled glass of Shiraz. With Taylors Estate Pinot Noir, a tomato-based or Italian pasta salad is delicious or with Taylors Estate Tempranillo, I find this pairs wonderfully with a lamb curry or spicy Spanish paella.

Your favourite wine to serve chilled and why?

My favourite wine to serve just slightly chilled is actually one of our most awarded wines ever, the Taylors Estate Shiraz. And it doesn’t need to be chilled down for too long, just a bit of time in the fridge (around 30 minutes) to bring it to its optimum drinking temperature between 16˚C-18˚C. I suggest everyone gives it a go, you’ll be surprised by the differences you will notice in the wine at different temperatures.

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