The best quick and easy spa treatments

Sometimes a lunch break is all you need to switch-off, and get glowing, youthful skin and a calm mind and soul.

Eyes Wide Open
It is often hard for the delicate area around our eyes to hide the wear and tear of a hectic schedule; that’s why Spring Spa developed a quick pick me up for the peepers. The vitamin-C packed Eyes and Shine treatment includes a dark-circle diminishing massage and de-puffing, oxygenating masks, making it the ideal way to rejuvenate your eyes during a tough working week. The eye area is left smooth, hydrated and wide awake.
Eyes and Shine ($25 for 15 minutes) available at Spring Spa Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown,

Skin Gym
Ashleigh Scott, founder and director of The Facialist, takes a hands-on approach to facials and her Yoga Facial is no exception. Scott designed the quick-yet-effective facial as a boot camp for to rev up the facial muscles that can start to sag when they’re not regularly stimulated. The intensive toning facial lifts and firms, reducing the appearance of under-eye bags, congestion and dullness. For the best results, Scott recommends a course of six treatments done once or twice weekly.
Yoga Facial ($110 for 30 minutes or $590 for a course of six) available at The Facialist, Shed 16 – City Works Depot, Auckland,

Smooth Diamond
The Ultaceuticals Vita Brasion treatment has been created to target a number of skincare concerns including pigmentation, dullness and large pores, proving that achieving real skincare results doesn’t always take hours. A gentle diamond-encrusted dermabrasion wand is used to slough away dead skin cells and unblock pores, before sonophoresis is used to deliver active vitamin A and C into the deeper layers of the skin. Skin is instantly plumper, radiant and hydrated.
Ultraceuticals Vita Brasion treatment (from $85 for 45 to 60 minutes), visit to find your nearest therapist

Head Space
There’s nothing more relaxing than a de-stressing head massage and the Shirobhyanga Indian head massage is not only the perfect way to take some time out for yourself, it’s also the ideal introduction to award-winning Spa Ayurda’s offerings. Throughout the massage therapists use a combination of invigorating oils to awaken the senses and restore balance to mind, body and soul. Try it alone when you need a moment of escapism or add it onto a Spa Ayurda facial.
Shirobhyanga Indian head massage ($55 for 30 minutes) available at Spa Ayurda, 213 Ponsonby Road, Auckland,

The man behind Murad skincare

We chat to the man behind Murad skincare and find out what the secret is to healthy, ageless skin.

Skincare routines are becoming increasingly complicated. If you were to create an effective yet simple–say no more than four steps–routine, what would it include?

It’s basically 3 steps. First, we have to cleanse and tone, then treat, and finally moisturise and protect. Those are the 3 most important steps. We need to cleanse your skin; we need to address your problems whatever they may be – whether they’re acne or wrinkles, and we have to moisturise your skin because you lose moisture as you get older and we have to protect it from the environment. So it’s a 3 step program at Murad and it depends on, with us you can mix and match, they are many different products that you could use depending on your specific needs.

Apart from using skincare that addresses our individual skincare concerns, what lifestyle steps can we take to ensure healthy youthful skin?

Everything in your body is connected, so when we think about how we can get your skin to be healthier, your skin is connected to your heart, your liver and everywhere else. For example, if you go out in the sun you might get a sun burn that effects your skin but you may feel nauseous, you may feel a head ache, things like that. So in order to help your skin we have to help everything else that means appropriate skin care, making sure your diet is appropriate too by having a good healthy diet, exercise regularly and reduce your stress. Basically, these are the 3 pillars of connected beauty and connected health.

Should we change our beauty routines as the season changes?

Yes, most definitely. Winter is a lot more drying on our skin than summer time, so depending on the season, your skin care regime should reflect what you need.

Moving out of winter and into spring, which products should we be including in our beauty regimens?

Well, in winter time your skin is dryer, so you’ll need to increase the amount of moisturiser you’re using, and add in other moisturising elements to your regime. You might also find that your skin can feel irritated from dehydration, so you may also need a treatment to alleviate this; a skin-soothing product will add hydration while also treating the irritation.

What do you think the future holds for skincare? 
I truly believe that skin care is health care and if we take care of our skin and make it as healthy as possible it also means we’re also making it beautiful as possible. And remember the relationship between your skin and your heart is very, very critical, eat well and exercise you’ll reduce stress which makes your skin healthier. So make your heat happy and your skin will look great

What piece of skincare advice would you share with all women no matter what skin type they have?
I would say, be thrilled with you are, no matter what.