The best makeup setting sprays to use while mask wearing

The pandemic has brought a lot of new challenges our way and this one certainly isn’t particularly high on the scale of importance. But having your makeup slip and slide under a mask can be highly annoying.

Mask wearing is a necessary – and important – part of our lives now, but if you’re a makeup wearer, you’ll know the two don’t always go well together. 

It’s all very well using a disposable mask and ending up with foundation smeared over the inside, but for the reusable ones we’re likely to be wearing most of the time, it can be frustrating, even when they are washable. Not to mention when you take the mask off and your makeup looks like it’s disappeared too. 

Lipstick is another challenge altogether and although tinted lip balms have risen in popularity, even they can end up on the inside of your face protector.

So how to improve the situation? While using long-wear products and setting with translucent powder is a good idea, it’s also helpful to finish your makeup with a makeup setting spray. 

What is setting spray?

Just as hairspray is to your flyaways and top coat is to your manicure, makeup setting spray helps with longevity.  It keeps your makeup from smudging, creasing or fading until you want to remove it. While it can be used every day, it’s particularly useful when you’re attending a special event where you won’t be able to touch up, if the weather is very warm, or when you want to avoid colour rubbing off on the inside of your face mask.

One area of confusion is the number of face mists and spritzes out there. All are not one and the same. 

‘Finishing’ or ‘refreshing’ facial mists are similar but designed to deliver moisture to the skin, while setting sprays deliver a microfine mist that locks makeup in place. The former can be used to refresh makeup that’s gone a little dry and cakey or over matte foundation for a little ‘real skin’ glow, while the latter is generally used to keep makeup on for longer. 

What’s the best way to use it?

Makeup setting spray should be the finishing touch after you’ve applied your foundation, mascara and lipstick. Simply hold the bottle around 20-25cm away and with your eyes closed, spray your face lightly. Some people like to spray in a T or X formation, to ensure good coverage, but you don’t need to drench it.

3 of the best setting sprays

While there are plenty of great options now available, these sprays are particularly high achievers in the category.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
One of the originals and arguably the best, this setting spray is well loved by makeup artists and consumers alike. It was originally created in partnership with a brand called Skindinavia. That brand’s original sprays are still widely available and along with the Urban Decay version, they contain Skindinavia’s patented cooling technology that’s said to lower the temperature of the makeup on your face, helping it to last as well as maintain hydration. It also won’t clog pores.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray
Quickly gaining a reputation for its excellent performance, this one wont leave your skin looking quite so matte so it’s a good option if you’re a fan of a little glow. It also provides skin more hydration than other options.

Huda Beauty Resting Boss Face Waterproof Setting Spray
While it may feel a little like hairspray for your face and it has a definite fragrance that can put some people off, this is still a worthy option if you’re after longevity. It has an oil-controlling matte finish and the large can is likely to last you until the end of mask-wearing is in sight (we hope!)

Hermès has a new nail polish line and it includes this must-try summer shade

Best known for its desirable luxury leather handbags and silk scarves, Hermès recent expansion into the beauty arena has offered a slightly more accessible way to indulge.

It’s chic, refillable lipstick line has gained plenty of the spotlight recently but now there’s a way to seriously upgrade your DIY manicure with the new Les Mains Hermès collection. 

Offering both hand and nail care items and a 24-shade collection of glossy, pigmented nail polishes, the items also offer the ideal Christmas gift idea for those hard-to buy-for friends or relatives.

The nail polishes, $75 each, are created in hues that relate to the heritage and expertise of the French luxury goods manufacturer, including, yes, Orange Boîte, (below right) the signature Hermès hue used in its boxes since 1942.

The searing orange shade, also just happens to arrive at the time orange is reaching the peak of popularity as a manicure hue. Similarly to bright kelly green, the colour has been adorning the tips of celebrities and style-leaders worldwide over the past couple of months, its upbeat hue associated with joy, warmth, heat and sunshine, making it the perfect option for the spring and summer season. 

The rich, intense pigment and glossy finish of each polish provide a fittingly superior experience, using high-quality, natural ingredients promising full coverage in one coat. Each of the hues, including several that match already existing lipstick shades, are complemented by their chic, squat bottles. Like the brand’s lacquer and brushed brass lipstick cases,  the bottles were designed by Pierre Hardy the brand’s creative director of shoes and jewellery. 

The remainder of the collection equally elevates the mundanities of nail care, as a nourishing nail oil, $80, top coat, $75, and hand cream, $170, made from naturally-derived ingredients are even joined by a set of 12 branded nail files, $60, housed in one of those covetable orange boxes. 

The hand and nail offering and the rest of the Hermès beauty collection is now available in New Zealand at Smith & Caughey’s Queen Street store and through the department store’s website. 

The range includes the Hermès Rouge lipstick collection, blush and a full offering of men’s and women’s fragrances. 

The Hermès Rouge lipstick formula includes natural ingredients like beeswax and mulberry extract, in hues plucked from an archive of 75,000 silk swatches and 900 leather shades, ranging from fiery red to rose-nude and come in two finishes, plush matte and a satin said to resemble the finish of a Kelly bag.