6 Amazing Health Benefits of Herbal Teas


6 Amazing Health Benefits of Herbal Teas
Switch up your daily cup of coffee with these healing teas that offer a variety of health benefits and giving your energy a boost.

Whether you sip in silence or power through several cups of tea a day, various brews can be a great alternative to coffee and offer a variety of health benefits at the same time. The mass amount of herbal teas on the market can be overwhelming. Whether you choose your teas purely for taste, or you sip to better your health, these lesser-known varieties should be added to your brewing repertoire.

Health Benefits of Healing Teas

Nettle Tea: Stinging nettle has been used medically since 3 B.C. Its sharp and bitter leaves were used to treat everything from urinary tract infections to joint pain and hay-fever. The leaves and stems can be eaten fresh in salads or cooked in stews and soups but many rely on seeping the leaves in hot water to extract their nutrients. As nettle is a diuretic, sipping it in tea form can help with various urinary issues. Similarly, nettle tea is also useful for its anti-inflammatory properties and can assist with other digestive issues. Nettle is also a great source of calcium and magnesium – more so than other leafy greens like spinach.

Rosehip: this powerful tea is rich in vital nutrients including calcium, iron, vitamin C and magnesium. It promotes a healthy immune system and provides a boost of energy.

Dandelion: Dandelion root tea is the ultimate detoxifying brew. Made from the flower’s roots, the cleansing tea is known for its diuretic and liver-detoxifying properties. With a soothing and richer flavour than other teas, dandelion makes a great caffeine-free alternative to your afternoon coffee.

Rooibos: This rich South African tea is rich in mineral content and promotes detoxification of skin as well as teeth and bone health.

Hibiscus: The beautifully coloured and fragrant tea is a rich source of vitamin C and excellent for warding off damaging free radicals. The healing benefits of hibiscus can also extend to our skin, with natural collagen boosting properties prevalent within the high vitamin C count.

Soursop: Made from the leaves of the soursop tree, this purifying tea aids in blood detoxification, promotes clear skin, is high in vitamin C and contains a huge amount of anti-oxidants – which is great for the liver and digestive health.


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