The Beauty Buzzwords You Need to Know

Beauty buzzwords are those things everyone in the beauty world is talking about right now. We decipher the jargon and explain the meaning of six in-vogue terms that are set to revolutionise our beauty routines. 

Spiritual Skincare

Many consumers want products that promise more than simply making us look good. As the beauty and wellness worlds continue to overlap, products with a more holistic approach to skincare are becoming prevalent. “The body is a complex system, and healthy, glowing skin can only really be achieved by looking after mind, body and spirit,” says Katy Bacon, Murad’s education manager for Australasia. “As we learn more about the impact of lifestyle on our health and wellness, this area will continue to grow. In this modern world, more people are physically and emotionally exhausted. It not only affects our mental health but the way we look.” She mentions oxidative stress, where environmental stressors affect how we age and overwhelm the body’s ability to repair the damage.


While traditional gendered categories of beauty and skincare aren’t about to cease to exist, there is a growing buzz around terms that connote diversity within the beauty world. Inclusive and gender-fluid-friendly beauty that talks to all ethnicities and sexes is set to become the new norm. Consumers around the globe will continue to break down and challenge traditional norms – and, as a result, we’re already starting to see more and more brands embrace individuality and diversity. “The rise in influencers over the past few years has dramatically shaped the cosmetics industry,” says Bacon. She believes that influencers have helped shape and shift the way we perceive gender. The message, she says, is an inclusive one that everyone can use make-up to create the best versions of themselves. Sephora’s artistry lead for Australia and New Zealand, Alphie Sadsad, adds: “More and more we are seeing beauty brands starting to cater for all audiences – targeting not just women in their messaging and marketing, but steering to more gender inclusivity across the board, which is exciting to see.”

Clean Cosmeceuticals

Naturally derived skincare ingredients that offer serious results are big beauty buzzwords at the moment. “Clean cosmeceuticals sit in their own category of skincare which allows us to combine the benefits of being a natural alternative, whilst being scientifically backed by experts,” says clean cosmeceuticals pioneer, founder of Biologi skincare and cosmetic chemist, Ross Macdougald. He says the concept of clean cosmeceuticals has grown out of the belief that natural-based beauty isn’t always as functional or effective as other skincare offerings. “Terms like ‘natural’ and ‘clean’ are often shrouded in a stigma of ‘not working’ and we were finding some consumers were opting for synthetic alternatives because they believed they would contain the actives the skin needs. However, what many people didn’t realise is that our natural ingredient serums contain 100% active ingredients without all the nasties. Like regular cosmeceuticals, our ingredients are also backed by science and are highly effective on the skin, yet you have the added benefit of them being natural so there’s no risk of toxic build-up over time. Clean cosmeceuticals also tap into the theory of epigenetics by permitting us to ‘turn back on’ skin cells and allow them to work at their most effective level.”


As we continue our quest for luminous skin, new and revamped ingredients that promise radiance and skin health have taken a prime spot in our skincare routines. Mechanical exfoliators – such as scrubs – have made way for chemical exfoliators that tend to be formulated with acids such as alpha and beta hydroxy acids. Many scrubs are too harsh and can result in micro-tears on the skin, explains Lucy Shaw, the resident skincare expert at MECCA. “Chemical exfoliants will often use a combination of different acids that will work synergistically with the skin at a safe level.” But you have to take care when introducing acids into your routine – if you’re a chemical exfoliant newbie, it pays to chat with a skincare expert, and introduce acids slowly. “For new acid users, one must take into consideration the condition of their skin,” says Prudvi Kaka, chief scientific officer for Deciem. “If one has sensitive skin, it is best to find an alternative to acids to target overall anti-ageing rather than exfoliation. However, for one with skin tolerant to acids, it is best to begin with an acid with a high molecular weight and at a low concentration for a more gentle approach.


A move towards more simplified routines means many consumers expect much more from the products they use in their beauty routines. Skincare and appearance experts Caci explain that simplified beauty will also give birth to more multi-tasking skincare that delivers real results. “Multi-tasking products are the skincare hybrids,” says Caci. “They not only cut your getting-ready routine in half, but they also maximise the benefits you’re getting out of them in the long run.” Caci’s resident skincare brands, Skinsmiths and Murad, help beauty consumers create a simplified beauty routine with multi-tasking products that get the best possible results with minimal steps. In 2019, Murad launched a handful of multi-tasking products with time-poor, results-minded skincare enthusiasts in mind. “Our Prebiotic 4-in-1 Cleanser and 3-in-1 MultiMist work with the skin’s microbiome, delivering hydration as well as cleansing and prepping properties, whilst the Revitalixir Recovery Serum works for both face and eyes to smooth, de-stress and re-energise skin,” explains Katy Bacon, Murad’s education manager for Australasia.

Simplified Beauty

There’s never been a better time to clear the clutter from your beauty cabinet: 15-step, Korean-beauty-inspired routines are out, and pared-back regimens are set to become a big beauty buzzword. According to the skin experts at Caci, there’s a growing trend towards taking skincare back to basics. Caci says that the two fundamental desires that customers often have are for efficacy and efficiency and that is what is driving the emergence of simplified beauty. But a simple, pared-back approach to skincare doesn’t mean sacrificing results. “Not wanting to forgo the personalised result-driven focus of their skincare, customers are beginning to demand a simple yet bespoke skincare routine that delivers results,” Caci explains. “This demand will push beauty brands to focus on personalised, efficacious skincare without unnecessary steps and ingredients.” 

10 Cleansers for Healthy, Radiant Skin

When it comes to creating the perfect skincare routine, we’re more spoilt for choice than ever before. And while it can be a little tricky to work out what products you really need in your daily regimen and which you can do without, skincare experts believe that a great cleanser is the starting point of any great routine. 

“Cleansing in the morning helps to remove excess oils and bacteria,” explains Kerrie Moore, Dr. LeWinn’s National Training Manager. “Whereas cleansing in the evening is also essential in the evening to remove any environmental impurities, excess oil and makeup,” she adds.

But just like moisturisers and serums – not all cleansers are created equal. And to get the results you desire from your routine, you need to invest in a cleanser that’s right for your skin type. “The right cleanser will leave the skin feeling comfortable, fresh and clean,” says Moore. “It should never strip the skin of natural oils which is there for protection.”

Moore suggests investing in a nourishing and hydrating cleanser if your skin is dry or dehydrated.  “A combination/oily skin type benefits from a wash or foaming cleanser that helps remove excess oil leaving skin feeling fresh and clean. If you have sensitive skin, you should be using a fragrance-free formulation that is gentle enough to daily use,” she explains. 

Read more tips for how to cleanse your skin the right way here.


Our Favourite Cleansers for Healthy Skin

Kate Somerville Detox Daily Cleanser ($62 from MECCA) gently detoxifies and exfoliates skin with glycolic and lactic to reveal a glowing complexion both morning and evening.

Formulated with antioxidant-rich blueberries, Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser ($58 from MECCA) refines pores and hydrates skin while it cleanses your complexion.

Make-up fanatics will love Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil ($86) which gently dissolves make-up and the day’s impurities.

Mascara and hard-to-remove make-up doesn’t stand a chance when you reach for hard-working Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm ($65).

Skin-nurturing ingredient squalane is the hero in The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser ($20.60). The formulation is perfect for dry and dehydrated skin in need of serious hydration.

Susanne Kaufmann Cleansing Gel ($75 from MECCA) has been formulated with oily and combination skin in mind. The gentle formula works to balance sebum production while cleansing skin.

No time for a multi-step routine? Multi-tasking Tatcha The Deep Cleanse ($65 from MECCA) exfoliates with Japanese luffa fruit to slough away dead skin cells. 

A healthy skin microbiome could be the secret to luminous skin. Murad Prebiotic 4-in-1 MultiCleanser ($75) cleanses skin without stripping it of essential bacteria that keep our skin balanced. 

Micellar water fans will love luxurious La Prairie Crystal Micellar Water ($200). Use it alone or before your usual cream cleanser.

Sisley Paris Radiance Foaming Cream ($150) combines the best of both worlds – it whisks away the day’s make-up will caring for skin with a nurturing cocktail of nourishing ingredients.