The attributes of successful female executives

By Jion Legaspi

Businesswoman at podium with colleauges raising their hands, smiling
Businesswoman at podium with colleauges raising their hands, smiling
A new study reveals the similar character and personality traits shared by 85 women in senior leadership positions.

According to the study, carried out by talent management firm Caliper, female executives demonstrated traditionally successful leadership attributes as well as attributes required to be resilient in difficult times.

They are similar to what are traditionally considered as “masculine” traits. Surprise!

The executives were straightforward in their communications style, action-oriented, risk-takers and were skilled at solving complex problems. They were also assertive, ego-driven, had a sense of urgency and abstract reasoning.

The women chose resilience, energy and empathy as attributes for successful leadership and overcoming obstacles.

Challenges that these women faced in relation to barriers to their work were mostly work-life balance issues. They include feelings of guilt for not spending enough time with family, family responsibilities interfering with their work and lack of support from home when work becomes demanding. They also faced challenges of resistance from other leaders and having to outperform male leaders.

Do you share any of these traits?



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