A Christmas Miracle


Christmas came early for this deserving boy

The community of St. George, Ontario joined forces to bring a well deserving boy some early Christmas cheer.

The town decorated store windows and organised 25 holiday floats to parade through Evan Leversage’s home town in order to bring a smile to the young boy’s face.

Nicole Wellwood, Evan’s mother, had recently been told that her son’s condition had become critical, and he might not live to see Christmas.

“He’s undergone a very difficult fight. He’s underwent aggressive treatments, many, you know he’s lived with the consequences of what the tumour has done to his speech and mobility. This has definitely been a very difficult journey for Evan,” Wellwood explained to local media.

Nicole quickly went about creating a ‘bucket list’ for her amazing son, making sure he experienced as much as possible in the short time he had left.

When the residents of her home town figured out what she was trying to do, they leapt to the support of Nicole and her family.

The town became involved after Evan’s cousin, Shelly Wellwood, asked business owners in the town if they wouldn’t mind putting their Christmas lights up early so Evan could feel like it was Christmas.

One of the business owners then posted on Social Media, and after the post went viral, hundreds of offers began flooding into the Wellwood home.

According to Upworthy, over 7000 people showed up to celebrate with Evan.

“It was a bit like walking in a dream,” Brandy King, a local florist, told Upworthy. “It was such a short period of time from initially seeing the poster to having this beautiful parade with thousands of people showing up. It certainly restores your hope and faith in humanity to see that kind of outpouring of support.”

Nicole told local media that she was ecstatic and completely overwhelmed at the response she received from her local community, as well as those outside her local town.

“I hope that people know to believe in miracles, to know that a small community has proven just how extraordinary people are.”



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