Ten Reasons Your Own Fresh Eggs are Better

By Lara Solomon

Ten Reasons Your Own Fresh Eggs are Better

There is a big craze sweeping Australia at the moment for backyard chicken keeping, but is having backyard chooks all it’s cracked up to be?

Here are ten reasons why having your own backyard chooks producing eggs for you, is better than buying them in the supermarket, deli or farm shop.

  1. You know what’s in your eggs – you can decide what to feed your chooks, be it kitchen scraps, organic feed or regular feed it’s your choice.
  2. Your own eggs taste MUCH better, you really have to try it to believe it. The yolk colour is usually a more deeper yellow.
  3. The eggs are fresher – most eggs on the supermarket shelf have taken 2-3 weeks from being laid to arriving on the shelf. Fresher is definitely better for you as well as tasting better.
  4. Eggs from hens raised outside allowed to peck about with a varied diet have less cholesterol and saturated fat and more vitamin E, A and omega 3 in them than cheap supermarket bought eggs. You don’t just get eggs from your chooks you also get free fertiliser for your garden – definitely not what you get with store bought eggs.
  5. It’s a more sustainable way to live, reducing food waste and producing compost. In fact in Belgium a couple of years ago the government gave 50 households 2 chickens each as part of a waste reduction project.
  6. It is a total experience and if you have children an educational one, you look after the chickens, they give you pleasure and eggs.
  7. You don’t need to keep fresh eggs in the fridge (for up to 2 weeks), you can display them on the counter for all to see and give your kitchen a farmhouse feel.
  8. Your own eggs come with entertainment – watching your chickens forage and cluck around is hours of fun.
  9. You can give your hens a hug whenever you are feeling down as a pick me up – research shows that patting a pet you love reduces stress.

Plus of course your own eggs come with love from your chooks…Find out more on raising backyard chickens and if you already have some about easy ways to house your chooks at Omlet.com.au



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