Tell me why I don’t like Mondays, or know when it’s Wednesday…

By Maria Kyriacou

Tell me why I don’t like Mondays, or know when it’s Wednesday…
Monday and Friday have the most distinct identities according to researchers

Everyone has a strong opinion about Mondays or Fridays. Most people prefer the latter with Friday night drinks on the horizon and the hint of the weekend.

Mondays are a little more polarizing. Are you the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed type, raring for the week to get started? Or prone to miserable Mondays a la the Boomtown Rats – and mostly all of us?

Either way, the facts are that these two bookend days of the week have the “strongest identities.” Science has spoken. Researchers from the Universities of York, Hertfordshire and Lancashire have found that the days sandwiched in between these two days often become a blur.

Over 1000 people were polled about their feelings towards the days of the week, and Mondays and Fridays had a higher number of associations. Most identified Mondays as boring, while “party” was a reoccurring theme for the final day of the working week.

The middle-of-the-week days were often mistaken for other days, with participants rating them in non-descript ways. However it seemed most people were clued up when it was Monday or Friday.

Researchers noted the negative view of Mondays was found to have arisen from our construct of the seven day work week. Its reputation as Blue Monday isn’t altogether undeserved, as they also found that heart attack risk and the suicide rate rises, reported mood and stock returns are lower.

What’s you favourite day of the week?



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