Take care and love your lady bits – Time to talk vaginas

Take care and love your lady bits – Time to talk vaginas
“Downstairs”, “private parts”, “nether regions”…  the multitude of euphemisms we use for vaginas can reinforce the idea that talking about vaginal health isn’t something we should feel comfortable talking about. 

A recent study by Kolorex showed  1 in 3 women are still too embarrassed to talk about vaginal health conditions or concerns, even with their mum or GP.

But by getting comfortable openly discussing vaginal health, we’re more likely to know the signs and symptoms of a vagina that’s not so healthy and feel confident with what is.

The vagina is a clever, self-regulating organ that deserves some serious respect. The simple signs that your vagina is healthy is that it smells pleasant, feels comfortable, has a normal discharge and sex feels good. 

Yes, vaginal discharge is a totally normal part of being a vagina owner – it keeps the vagina healthy, prevents it from drying out, and protects the vagina from irritation and infection – it’s when it changes colour, odour or consistency that it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor. 

A healthy vagina is also moderately acidic which allows good bacteria to thrive, keeping it smelling fresh and protecting it from infection. Normal soap, perfume, harsh chemicals and tight, synthetic underpants are a no-no because they can really upset the acid and healthy bacteria balance. 

Effective natural care for your lady bits 

Many women are confused about what you should or should not use to clean the vagina and keep it healthy. While warm water is enough, vaginal care products like Kolorex® are specially formulated to cleanse, moisturise and freshen up the area.

The leading vaginal care brand Kolorex® has recently launched three new products, Vaginal Care Her Balance,  Kolorex® Vaginal Care Cream, and Kolorex® Vaginal Care Wash with Horopito, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E. 

The cream and wash are dermatologically tested and approved, and  designed to calm and restore your skin, so that it looks and feels healthy. Vaginal Care Cream calms and soothes the sensitive skin around your vulva. Kolorex® Vaginal Care Wash is gentle enough to use every day to help keep the pH levels of the vagina balanced. 

Kolorex® Vaginal Care Her Balance is a supplement that is designed to support vaginal health and balanced vaginal microflora. The supplement contains extract of Horopito, long prized by New Zealand’s Indigenous Māori people. 

At the end of the day, vaginal health is just as important as the health of any part of the body, and taking care of your own vaginal health is empowering. It’s time we break the taboo and get talking openly and honestly about vaginas for the health of women everywhere.

 Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.  Forest Herbs Research Ltd, Nelson


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