Sweden is trialling new techniques to get donors coming back

By Kate Hassett

Sweden is trialling new techniques to get donors coming back
Would you be more likely to give blood if you knew when and for who, it was used?

We all know that donating blood saves lives. However, this knowledge isn’t always the driving factor in enticing donors back into the clinic for multiple and recurring visits.

But what if you knew what your blood was being used for? What if you were given a real-time response about who your blood was saving – right now?

This is the theory that is driving the way blood donors are being contacted in Sweden.

Blood donors are now receiving text messages when a patient is treated with their blood.

Slowly rolling out the initiative over the past three years, the donation services are aiming to appeal to the emotions of the donor by providing them with information regarding their donated blood.

By aiming to re-engage donors by messaging them, their donation becomes a real reminder of the good they are doing and gives them extra incentive to return again.

So far, the system seems to be working, as Sweden is looking to combat the global trend of diminishing donor rates one feel good moment at a time.

Would this make you want to give blood again?




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