Sure Fire Tips: How to prep your Silver Fern Farms grass-fed red meat to perfection

Perfectly prep your Silver Fern Farms grass-fed red meat for tender meat every time.
Perfectly prep your Silver Fern Farms grass-fed red meat for tender meat every time.
When it comes to cooking Silver Fern Farms grass-fed red meat, the right preparation is key to ensuring it is cooked to perfection.

The most delicious recipes always include time to bloom the meat, this is really important for tender, juicy steaks. These Sure Fire Tips are included in all our Silver Fern Farms red meat recipes. You can check them out here

Sure Fire Tip #1: Bloom the Meat

No, we’re not talking about spring blossoms. Blooming the meat is an important technique when it comes to preparing the meat for cooking.

Meat doesn’t like being cooked cold, so let it warm up a bit. Remove from the packaging and wait for 10 minutes before cooking to bring the meat to room temperature. By doing this, it ensures it cooks more consistently.

Sure Fire Tip #2: Oil the Meat, Not the Pan

Conventionally, we’re used to oiling the pan before cooking. But when it comes to meat, it’s better to drizzle the oil over the meat, instead of the pan.

There are a couple reasons why this is a better technique. First, it means you can get the pan really hot (which is great for getting a beautiful, golden-brown sear) without the oil burning. Secondly, it stops the meat from sticking.

Sure Fire Tip #3: Season the Meat

Just like seasoning a dish of pasta or roasted vegetables, seasoning the meat just before cooking is a fantastic way to bring out the grass-fed meat’s tender, juicy flavours.

Simply season with salt and pepper, and you’ll get a delicious outer crust and better depth of flavour.

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