Supportive professor makes new mums feel at home in class

By Kate Hassett

Supportive professor makes new mums feel at home in class
A professor is supporting new mums by making their babies feel at home in class.

Continuing education for new mothers has long been an uphill battle that few are able to climb. Either facing prejudice or exclusion from facilities and institutions, or dealing with impatient professors, mothers who continue learning with their children by their sides face many obstacles.

Thankfully the good fight is being propelled within the classroom by none other than a university professor.

Dr Sydney Engelberg was teaching his organisational behaviour lecture when a young mother became embarrassed by her unsettled child. When she tried to leave, the professor picked up the baby, placed him on his hip, and soothed the child back to comfort.

The professor continued his lecture with the baby at his hip, relaxed and contented.

The professor is known for making his classroom a child-friendly zone, encouraging new mothers to bring their children to class so they never have to choose between an education and parenting.

His daughter, Sarit Fishbaine said her father’s love for children stems from his own family, “my dad just loves kids and loves babies, he has five grandchildren.”

“He’s the one that’s in motion, he’s walking around the class. So he just takes the baby and continues teaching.”

Dr Engelberg sees the concept of educating, as the ability to extend lessons learnt in class, by instilling values onto his students that last a lifetime.

Do you think more professors and institutions should adopt this accepting policy?



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