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Clever dispensing approach and plant extracts the key to iconic serum’s success


clarins double serum
Two is better than one – the powerful and innovative Clarins Double Serum brings together two beneficial formulas packed with nature’s most effective skincare ingredients.

It’s widely recognised that serum is the hard worker of our skincare routine, delivering powerful ingredients capable of improving skin health deeper into the cellular level of skin than other products. That’s thanks in general to formulation, with a higher concentration of ingredients with smaller molecules that are able to penetrate deep into skin, and the fact it stays on our face to work its magic rather than being washed away.

That’s a simple explanation, but all serums are not created equal. One serum in particular has taken on global cult status thanks to its clever formulation approach that also makes the most of a number of skin-transforming plant extracts.

Double serum innovation one step ahead

Clarins Double Serum’s anti-ageing, double-phase moisture and lipid formula was groundbreaking when it was first developed back in 1985 and it has continually remained a bestseller thanks to its unique approach and constant improvement. It works on the five vital functions of the skin to help support a more youthful, smooth and radiant appearance.

In 1985, Clarins founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins presented a previously insurmountable challenge to a formulation chemist: Combine all the potent ingredients that have an influence on the youth of the skin together, in a single product. It left the chemist scratching his head, because some beneficial ingredients are only soluble in water, others only in oil. That’s when Courtin-Clarins got the idea of offering the treatment in two separate bottles for the customer to mix together at the time of use. Double Serum was born.

Since then, the two unique formulas have undergone numerous advancements to ensure the most effective performance and are now contained in a single dual-chamber bottle. The two key formulas remain separate, thereby preserving the effectiveness of the Hydric + Lipidic System and dispensing the perfect ratio of water-soluble (hydric) and oil-soluble (lipidic) ingredients. The formulas are blended upon application, so you get a combination of the freshest, most effective ingredients, ready to nourish and improve the appearance of your skin.

Inspired by the success of Double Serum, Clarins launched Double Serum Eye in New Zealand in August 2021. Double Serum Eye uses a similar bi-phase technology, offering two serums in one, specifically designed for the delicate eye area.

21 skin-transforming plant extracts

Now onto its eighth iteration, Double Serum remains an innovator in natural beauty as it delivers the best of Clarins’ ongoing discoveries concerning the way skin functions and the plant extracts to support a youthful-looking complexion. Clarins has also taken into account its customers’ feedback over the years about what they want to achieve with their skin. Today it holds 21 potent plant-based ingredients within its two chambers, each carefully selected to contribute to the goals of skin regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration and protection.

Consider the hero ingredient, the bright and beautiful Turmeric extract, with powerful antioxidant properties to prevent oxidative stress from the environment as well as the ability to preserve communication between skin cells thanks to molecules called turmerones, according to Clarins research.

Among other plant extracts are vitamin C-rich Kiwifruit, hydrating Salicornia, Orthosiphon to help regulate oil production and refine skin texture, Goji Berry to improve skin’s energy, Banana to promote the synthesis of collagen, Oats for their firming benefits and Quinoa that helps strengthen the skin’s barrier. All in all, the smart formula contributes to skin appearing firmed, wrinkles appearing visibly smoothed, pores appearing diminished, and radiance and evenness restored to the complexion.

Considered creation

The company has created the most natural formula possible which includes organic ingredients sourced from fair trade practices, whenever possible. The formula includes nine organic ingredients of which three are fair trade certified, so you know that choosing Double Serum is good for the planet and its people, too.

Double Serum’s eco-friendly bottle is also made from recycled materials, and now requires less packaging. The bottle delivers just the right amount of product for your skin’s needs to prevent overconsumption.





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