Super Bowl ads get socially responsible

By Kelly Jirsa

Super Bowl ads get socially responsible

It is estimated that around 117 million are tuning into the Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers Super Bowl game this year. Football fans are set to be happy this year with America’s favourite football players involved in the line up, but so too will music fans thrilled to see the legendary entertainment line up of Cold Play, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga singing the national anthem.

This annual event is an advertisers dream, though to purchase precious advertising space you’re looking at around 4.8 million USD per spot, at that price brands would want to get their message just right.

With a captive audience, the Super Bowl is also a great forum for artists to launch new material, as in the case of Beyoncé and Missy Elliot dropping their latest singles. Beyoncé with her surprise release of single ‘Formation’, in her halftime performance; and Missy Elliot unexpectedly dropping her song ‘Prep Rally’ in a star-studded ad for Amazon Echo, a voice-controlled speaker/smart device.

This year some traditional brands are using their spot to show how socially responsible they are. A few have added an educational focus to their messages and some non-commercial campaigns have been given the spotlight.


In a surprising move, the beer brewing company Anheuser-Busch used MiNDFOOD March 2016 cover star Helen Mirren to deliver an elegant triad of abuse on would be drink-drivers. Mirren does this all before responsibly enjoying a cold brewski.


Speak about the volumes of water wasted when taps are left running while people brush their teeth.

No More

The anti-violence campaign shows a text message conversation between two young women that turns dark, educating people on how to pick up the signs of domestic abuse.


To a lesser extent the ad starring Ryan Reynolds, in a multitude of roles, highlights the safety features of the car. More fun than responsible, but a serious message about keeping focused while driving non-the less.


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