How to get ready for summer

When it comes to changing seasons, approaching your beauty cabinet like you do your wardrobe will help combat any unwanted skin issues that can arise when temperatures start to heat up. Here are our top tips for getting your skin and body summer ready.

1. Lighten Up

Heavy foundations and warm weather were never meant to be best friends. If your go-to foundation starts to do a runner on you – no one wants a formulation that slips off as soon as it starts to heat up – think about switching it out for something lighter such as a tinted moisturiser or BB cream.

2. Take it Easy

As much as we love youth-restoring skincare ingredients – think vitamin A and C and alpha-hydroxy acids – slathering these on before you step out into the sun is not a wise idea. These active ingredients speed up cell turnover which in turn, increases your skin’s photosensitivity. Keep these skincare superheroes for your night routine and always incorporate a sunscreen into your routine come morning time. Intensive beauty treatments can leave skin sensitised. Ask your beauty therapist about any increased skin photosensitivity prior to having a beauty treatment and always take extra precaution following a treatment.

3. Look After Your Locks

Coloured or not, your tresses require extra attention when the weather starts to heat up. If you’re using heated tools frequently you should already have a heat protectant included in your routine; look to add one which includes UV protection. Before summer hits, start including a protective and restorative treatment hair mask into your weekly hair routine to keep locks smooth, manageable and ready to face the season ahead.

4. Fake it

Don’t bake in the sun; forgo the sun’s harmful rays and get the sun-kissed look the smart way. Fake tan application doesn’t have to be an ordeal if you prep skin before you get started. Wax, shave and do your nails the day before you decide to apply your chosen self tanner. Applying self tanner to dry skin is a beauty no-no; always exfoliate from head to toe and avoid using anything oil-based on your skin. Unwanted orange patches of skin are easily avoided; just apply a little bit of moisturiser on problem areas such as knees, elbows and ankles.


How to prep your beauty routine for the season ahead

1. Out with the old

There’s no time like spring to say goodbye to skincare and make-up that have been busy gathering dust in the back of your beauty cabinet. “We’ve all at some point forgotten about certain products and let them slip to the back of the cabinet,” admits Tracey Beeby, global skin educator for Ultraceuticals. But reaching for cleansers, moisturisers and serums that have been lurking around for too long comes with dangers such as undesirable skin responses says Beeby. “Sunscreens are often a danger as these may lose efficacy and results in skin burning.” An active treatment on the other hand, might become totally inactive. “No result will be visible or alternatively an allergy-like skin response may be the outcome.”

Bobbi Brown New Zealand training manager Olivia Wild says parting with impulsive make-up buys that have only been used a handful of times are often the hardest to part with. “Be okay about gifting to a friend who would really love it and do not feeling guilty about throwing it out,” she says. As for the item we need to update every three months, Wild your lashes will thank you for investing in a new mascara more frequently. Bin anything that’s lurking in your beauty cabinet or make-up bag that smells off, or has changed colour or texture. “Trust me, you will feel so much better about your beauty routine when everything is organised and up to date,” says Wild.

2. Ask an expert

If in doubt when it comes to changing your skincare for the season ahead, Beeby suggests turning to your skincare professional for advice. She goes onto explain that it’s important to be aware of other seasonal changes that might impact on your skin. “Be mindful that it’s best to ensure your skin barrier is healthy during this time as some of us can experience heightened allergy symptoms due to the different pollens in the air,” she says. But your routine doesn’t need to be overly complicated to be effective: “Ensure you have the basics right: cleansers, moisturisers, sunscreens as well as antioxidant protection are the staple necessities during changes of seasons,” Beeby says.

3. Lighten up

Chilly winter weather and low humidity over the cooler months can leave skin parched and in need of richer moisturisers. But as the weather warms up and moisture returns to the air, it’s a good time to rethink your day-to-day routine and switch it to suit for the season. Wild suggests adjusting skincare to incorporate lightweight textures and formulas, and says investing in a good SPF for sun protection is essential. Don’t forget about your foundation either: “It is a great time to slightly adjust your foundation colour to a warmers shade and incorporate a bronzer to help through the seasonal transition,” says Wild.