Summer Beauty Secrets you Need to Know


While vitamin D deficiency is a growing health concern in the Western world, cosmetic chemist Ray Townsend, one of the brains behind Joyce Blok formulations, says you don’t need much sun exposure on a daily basis to get enough vitamin D. “I don’t think sunscreen is our problem; it’s our lifestyle, exacerbated by us spending more time indoors,” Townsend says. The issue surrounding the impact sunscreen has on the body’s ability to produce vitamin D is a contentious one, however the World Health Organization agrees with Townsend’s recommendation of five to 15 minutes of casual sun exposure to hands, face and arms two to three times a week. In countries where UV levels are higher, such as New Zealand and Australia, shorter periods of exposure are sufficient. Cancer Council Australia makes similar recommendations but suggests sun exposure in summer on either side of the UV peak time (before 10am and after 4pm).   


Sunscreen doesn’t block all UV rays, which is why correct application is crucial. The Cancer Council of Australia believes most people don’t apply enough sunscreen, resulting in only 50 to 80 per cent of the protection stated on the product. To protect your skin you need to be liberal with the amount of sunscreen you’re using; apply a teaspoon of sunscreen per limb – the equivalent of seven teaspoons for an average-sized adult. Townsend believes one of the biggest misconceptions surrounding sunscreen is how we think about reapplication. “Reapplying every two hours doesn’t mean you can stay in the sun all day,” he says. Townsend goes on to explain that reapplying sunscreen only replaces product that’s lost through perspiring or contact with water. “It’s really important to not think of reapplication as giving you more time in the sun,” he says. Townsend simplifies the way we should think about reapplying sunscreen by comparing it to using an oven to cook a roast dinner. “If you’re cooking a roast dinner and it says leave in for three hours, if you take it out after 1.5 hours do you then put it back in for 1.5 hours or another three hours?” he asks. “If you have sunscreen on and 300 minutes is your limit before you get burnt, reapplying your sunscreen isn’t going to extend your burn time.”


Knights in Shining Armour

1. Housed in a limited-edition lustrous flacon, Elie Saab Le Parfum L’Edition Argent Eau de Parfum ($195, 90ml) is a must-have for all Saab devotees. 2. Precious and essential oils in L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil ($39.95) combine to nurture skin. 3. A slick of YSL Full Metal Shadow in Grey Splash ($49) will light up lids with the most resplendent of silvers. 4 & 5. Shiseido Bio Performance Glow Revival Eye Treatment and Cream restore radiance to lacklustre skin (on counter February 2016). 6. Elizabeth Arden’s antioxidant-packed super serum, Prevage Anti-Aging Daily Serum ($205) is celebrating its 10th year fighting fine lines and wrinkles. 7. Estée Lauder’s little gem, Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Eye Crème ($320) reawakens the eye area with Black Diamond Truffle extract. 8. With the festive season just around the corner, By Terry Ombre Blackstar ($58) is the long-wearing glimmer of gold you need in your make-up arsenal. 9. Punchy colour and nourishing ingredients join forces to create Bobbi Brown’s new sumptuous lip offering, Luxe Lip Color ($52). 10. Apply a drop of Dior J’adore Touche de Parfum ($159) before spritzing your favourite J’adore fragrance to create a unique olfactory experience.