Study shows fast food can reduce levels of testosterone among overweight men


Study shows fast food can reduce levels of testosterone among overweight men
Some men hoping to father children one day may need to think twice next time they order that pizza, burger or kebab - or any type of fast food for that matter.

A new study has highlighted an alarming link between fast food and low male fertility.

Research has found high-calorie processed foods consumed by obese or overweight men creates an immediate negative impact on testicular performance and testosterone production.

Findings from Flinders University and UniSA concluded that these high-fat intakes drastically reduced a man’s serum testosterone levels.

The research was based on an investigation into the impact of dietary fat on testicular function.

And it turned up some alarming results.

They found that the ingestion of high-fat fast food by an obese man “produced a 25% fall in serum testosterone within an hour of eating, with levels remaining suppressed below fasting baseline for up to 4 hours”.

The results only highlight the impact on overweight and obese men and it’s not clear if the same would apply to leaner men.

“The observed falls in serum testosterone are likely to be clinically significant for the obese or older man with low baseline levels of testosterone,” says Flinders University’s Professor Kelton Tremellen, Gynaecologist and Strategic Professor of Reproductive Medicine, who undertook the research with Dr Karma Pearce from UniSA.

“These men are likely to be placed into a continuous hypogonadal state during waking hours if they frequently consume meals and snacks high in fat. This will clearly have an adverse impact on both their mental and physical wellbeing, plus possibly their fertility potential.

“Our results suggest that these men should minimise their fat intake and avoid inter‐meal snacking in order to optimise testicular function,” Professor Tremellen added.

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