Students return to schools in Liberia

By Kate Hassett

Students return to schools in Liberia
Six months after the initial closures in Liberia, schools around the country have begun reopening their doors to students.

In a positive movement towards a hopeful eradication of the Ebola virus, Liberian schools have begun the slow and careful process of reopening their doors to students.

Once the epicentre of the Ebola outbreak, Liberia follows the announcements by Sierra Leone and Guinea, that are beginning to reintroduce students back into schools following a stagnation in new Ebola cases.

Students returning to school will be met with strict health procedures surrounding the maintenance of a safe environment for teachers and students.

For the schools that were able to open, staff were equipped with thermometers to take students temperatures upon entering and water stations were set up with chlorinated water to ensure hygienic places to wash, were readily available.

The reopening program marks a hugely positive move in rebuilding the West African countries plagued by the Ebola virus.

“UNICEF is supporting the ministries of education and health in our common goal of seeing all Liberian children back in school as soon as possible and as safely as possible,” said Sheldon Yett, UNICEF’s representative in Liberia.

Safety is key, as the focus on student welfare will be continued from a government and foreign aid perspective, to ensure the reinstating of school programs, hopefully completed over the next couple of months.



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