Stuck in a rut? Top tips to transform your life and rediscover your best self


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Try these top tips to get to where you want to be.

Being stuck in a rut can be a damning state. Whether you like it or not, things like feeling caught in a dissatisfying relationship, being unhappy at work or not feeling up to scratch can start to affect many other aspects of your life.

Being self-aware and actively seeking to re-build a relationship with yourself can reiterate what’s important and allow you to envision where you want to be in life.

If you are ready to commit to making changes, there are simple things everyone can do, to once again, be the best version of yourself.

Stop saying yes!

Think you’re a yes person? Whether you’re the person who will always pick up the phone at 4am, even if it means getting no sleep before work the next day – or lending money to friends in need, never to see it back, constantly saying yes can see you become seriously overextended and overbooked.

Start to work on your boundaries. Learning to say no when it is in your best interest can be the best thing you’ve ever done. Next time, instead of telling your workmate you would love to finish their proposal so they can go home early, put your foot down and put yourself first.

Stop saying no (when you want to say yes)

Similarly, saying no or staying put for the sake of being scared to move forward can be seriously detrimental to your general wellbeing. Say yes to going on a blind date and making new friends. Say yes to starting over if you’re unhappy in your current state.

Treat yourself 

Take time to schedule at least one day every month, where regardless of the activity, it’s all about you.

Have your hair done, stay home and read a book, book in for a massage or take yourself to the movies. Little activities that are made to benefit you (and only you) will be an instant refresher, allowing you to tackle the rest of the week or month with a greater appreciation for yourself.

Start the day right

By beginning each day with a ritual of sorts, you are setting yourself up for a positive and productive day ahead. By focussing on yourself first thing, you ensure that focus has the best opportunity to continue throughout the day.

Wake up an extra half hour earlier and spend the first part of the day meditating or repeating your goals. Start slow, eat a good breakfast and ensure you leave the house without feeling stressed.

Get physical doing something you love

Haven’t found an exercise you love yet? Spend some time exploring different avenues until you land the one you are truly passionate about. Stretching and sweating is guaranteed to improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Switch off

Detaching yourself from technology, if only for an hour, can make a huge difference in how you appreciate yourself. Take time to power down and focus on what your body is telling you – not what Facebook is saying.

Try a new hobby 

If you’re bored or dissatisfied, often adding something creative to your life can make a huge difference. Take up a craft, do some colouring in or join a sports team to reinvigorate your time outside work.

End your day on a high note

Taking just five minutes to look in the mirror at the end of the day can psychologically prepare you for the next day. Just smile to yourself, repeat your favourite mantra or reassure yourself that tomorrow is a new day.


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