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Stress Relief, Naturally

Stress Relief, Naturally

Let aromatherapy work its magic.

Stress Relief, Naturally

Stress comes in numerous ways and forms, but one thing remains the same – feeling overwhelmed, anxious or fatigued causes your mood to plummet like nothing else.

Having a natural, go-to solution for stress relief that doesn’t carry any nasty side effects is a quickfire way to raise your spirits and get you back on track. One easy and effective remedy is peppermint oil, which can be used to reduce mental exhaustion and anxiety and even improve depression.

The strong, clean scent of peppermint oil has refreshing properties which effectively detox the mind and promote clarity. Researchers from the University of Maryland’s Medical Center discovered that aromatherapy, specifically peppermint, has a soothing effect on nervousness and depression and can be used as an accessible form of treatment.

Additionally, peppermint oil does not create drowsiness, nausea or other negative side effects that medicated treatments often cause. Try brewing a herbal tea and inhaling the steam deeply as you drink, or light a diffuser to spread the scent throughout the room.

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