Stop Talking! Learn How To Be Patient And Kind


Stop Talking! Learn How To Be Patient And Kind
10 crucial tips for growing and maintaining strong, positive relationships.

Any relationship takes work, whether it’s with friends, family or a romantic interest. And while starting a relationship might be easy, maintaining a strong, healthy one is more of a challenge.

It’s easy to lose touch with people if you don’t make an effort to nourish relationships and appreciate the people in your life. To continue growing positive connections, make sure you follow these 10 tips.

Generosity: compassion goes a long way and shows that you care. Be kind and considerate to your friends, family and partner.

Humility: it’s not all about you! Don’t take things personally when someone reacts badly to something.

Empathy: we are all different, so make an effort to understand the other person’s point of view.

Noticing: remember and comment on the little things. This shows that you have a genuine interest in the other person’s life.

Celebration: share in and affirm others’ successes by congratulating their accomplishments.

Effort: make the time to call, send an email or catch up. Ask people what’s new in their life and follow up with how they are doing at a later time.

Patience: allow time to cool off before attempting to sort through a difficulty. Space can help clarify thoughts and emotions.

Honesty: be open and direct to build trust and foster understanding.

Courage: a simple “sorry” goes a long way. Know when you need to apologise.

Compromise: realise that two people can’t always agree on everything. Working out a solution that suits both parties is a practical and necessary step for moving forward.



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