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Stem cells boost post-stroke brain recovery

Stem cells boost post-stroke brain recovery

A new study has shown how stem cells could help repair damaged parts of stroke victims brains.

Stem cells boost post-stroke brain recovery

Stroke victims are often left with debilitating damage to their brain function.

But a new pilot study in the UK has been experimenting with a new way of regenerating  these damaged areas of the brain.

Infusing stem cells into the brain could encourage new blood vessels to grow and repair damaged tissue.

The study showed promising results with participants displaying ability to walk and look after themselves independently after the treatment, despite having suffered severe strokes that had previously impaired those functions.

While larger studies are needed to determine whether this treatment could be used more widely for stroke victims it does seem promising.

Patients were monitored for six months after being administered with stem cells into damaged sections of the brain via a major artery, one week after the stroke.

Most of the participants had suffered severe strokes which resulted in the loss of speech and marked paralysis on one side of the body.

At the end of the trial, published in Stem Cell Translational Medicine, all participants were mobile and could take part in everyday activities.

Scientists hope to look at triailing the approach on a larger group of stroke patients and eventually develop a treatment based on this approach.

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