Star Wars style

Pedestrians on Ponsonby Road were privy to the odd sight of 25 models walking along the pavement wearing paper bags on their heads last night.

The models were en route from Stephen Marr’s hair studio to Golden Dawn for the second of this week’s Marr Factory spring/summer 14 shows by leading Dunedin fashion label NOM*d.

street walk

The paper bags were in keeping with NOM*d’s underground style, though the primary purpose of the bags was to protect the make-up if it rained as well as hiding the hair and make-up to maintain an element of surprise.


And what a surprise it was – a stylistic Stars Wars clique inspired by the fictional alien race the Hutts complete with mask-like make-up and galactic braids. Garments from NOM*d’s ‘No*Sense’ collection featured Star Wars icons with slogans like ‘Stay on the leader’ and many named after ‘Huttie’ characters and words.

star wars

“That’s where the name No*Sense came from because Hutties are very intelligent, they understand all languages but they choose to only speak their own,” NOM*d designer Margi Robertson said. “This is what the philosophy of NOM*d is, it really doesn’t matter what else is going on [in fashion]. We just choose to do our own thing, not really following trends but also setting some ideas.”

The presentation was a perfect melding of cult-tures – NOM*d and Hutt, while maintaining the essential elements of the NOM*d silhouette. “It’s important that the garments look NOM*d. We need to be really diligent as far as maintaining our signature look,” Robertson said.


Hair stylist Jason Chong Li of Stephen Marr described the look he created for the collection as “a little bit Star Wars, a little bit alien” and a “little bit weird”. “It’s not about making a girl look pretty,” he said.

Lead make-up artist Kiekie Stanners, national artist for M.A.C Cosmetics New Zealand, brought the Star Wars vibe to life by creating mask-like effect with make-up.


“We wanted it to look like it was stuck on as opposed to painted on make-up,” Stanners said. “The key product we used was M.A.C Full Coverage Foundation in white. By building that up on the skin and then layering it with a lot of invisible set powder it’s really flexible and long-wearing. It doesn’t crack or move too much.”

That’s not all. It also glowed in the dark too, which was revealed during the show’s finale when the lights went out.

We’re picking that many pieces from this collection will become collectors items, not just by fans of the label but also Hutties who are apparently out there, somewhere in the galaxy not too far, far away.

Main picture credit: Olivia Hemus

Clicquot in the Snow après ski

Footwear designer Kathryn Wilson’s spring-summer 14-15 show provided a high-octane finish to the Clicquot in the Snow festival in Queenstown on August 2.

Wilson and her “dream team” transformed the Heliworks Hanger into a glamorous space complete with a gold glitter catwalk, orange snowflake confetti and seemingly bottomless glasses of Veuve Clicquot Champagne.

The show got off to a dramatic start when the doors of the hanger opened to reveal the arrival, by helicopter, of two of the models to the booming soundtrack of ACDC’s Thunderstruck.
heli fly
Wilson said she wanted to set a tone that was playful, light hearted, high energy and fun, and it worked.
v lineup proper
It was the first big reveal on the catwalk of her spring-summer 14-15 collection which will hit stores 10 days after the show. It was also the first time Wilson has presented sneakers on the catwalk. She opened the show with custom-designed trainers from her Miss Wilson label.
trainer for web
The show was a mix of 90s glamour for the Kathryn Wilson line that saw the return of the medium-height stiletto with a pointed toe in bright pop colours – acid yellow, cobalt blue and hot pink – as well as heels adorned with gemstones and metal hardware. By contrast the Miss Wilson range was more muted with styles sporting wooden heels and pastel tones including lolly pink and lilac “like a visit a candy store”.
shoes proper
The models wore custom-printed bodysuits that channelled après ski 70s glam which stylist Kylie Cooke styled with goggles, blankets, puffer vests and even cushions.
cushion proper
It is the third year that Wilson has held a show as part of the Clicquot in the Snow festival. This year Wilson chose a bigger venue because she wanted to give her fans in Queenstown more of a chance to be part of the celebration. This year 150 tickets of the 200 available were made available to the public.

Front row guests included chef Josh Emett, Sara Tetro, Pebbles Hooper, singer Dane Rumble and model Nikki Phillips.