Spring Skincare Series: The science behind EstĂ©e Lauder’s latest creation

We chat to Dr. Nadine Pernodet, the vice president of skin biology and BioActives research and development at EstĂ©e Lauder Companies, and Dr. Ilya Raskin, distinguished professor at the Center for Agricultural Molecular Biology at Rutgers University, about the science behind EstĂ©e Lauder’s latest breakthrough creation.

Estée Lauder partnered with Rutgers University for the launch of Revitalizing Supreme+

To discover and harness the power of the most potent, youth-restoring botanicals available, EstĂ©e Lauder’s team of skincare scientists partnered with Dr. Ilya Raskin, a leading professor at Rutgers University. “Dr. Raskin is renowned for his extensive work in plant biology, photochemistry and pharmacology – discovering nutritional abilities and health benefits of plants as well as developing highly potent plant extracts. This was a natural collaboration for us to research a potent plant extract for skin benefits.” says Dr. Nadine Pernodet the vice president of skin biology and Bio Actives research and development at EstĂ©e Lauder Companies.

Together the team uncovered the incredible skin benefits of miracle plant Moringa – the star ingredient in Revitalizing Supreme+

Dr. Raskin’s laboratory has been studying the benefits of moringa for many years. “It is an extraordinary plant because it is so dense in nutrients, essential ions, amino acids, and omega 3 fatty acids. If we had nothing else to eat, you would find all of the nutrients you need to survive in a single moringa plant,” explains Dr. Raskin. Together with EstĂ©e Lauder, Dr. Raskin discovered a nutrient-dense moringa species with more calcium than milk, more vitamin A than carrots, more vitamin C than oranges and other essential nutrients including potassium and protein. The seeds specifically contain a high level of isothiocyanates, powerful anti-aging and anti-irritation compounds that activate anti-ageing pathways.

The unique moringa extract turns on youth-restoring pathways in the skin

Through their research Dr. Raskin and Dr. Pernodet discovered that moringa extract could activate Nrf2 – a protein that is crucial to regulating the ageing process. “Nrf2 helps skin cells resist irritation and oxidative damages, helping prolong their survival,” explains Dr. Pernodet. As we age, Nrf2 declines, and skins cells are less able to resist stress and damage, which leads to visible skin ageing. Dr. Raskin and Estée Lauder scientists discovered that a potent moringa extract could switch on and boost Nrf2 activity, activating powerful anti-irritation and antioxidant pathways. “Reducing irritation in skin can help decrease damage from exposure to external irritants and thereby help slow down ageing,” explains Dr. Pernodet.

Estée Lauder Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Crème ($99 for 30mls limited edition, $162 for 50mls) and Global Anti-Aging Wake Up Balm ($99).

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