Spice Girls hit “Wannabe” gets UN makeover


Photos by Veronique Viguerie/Getty Images
Photos by Veronique Viguerie/Getty Images
20 years on, the message of girl power is reaching a new audience, this time as part of a UN campaign for global goals.

Almost everyone around the world remembers the words to this famous song, but 20 years on, the famous “girl power” hit is being used to portray an even more important message.

The video has been remade by Project Everywhere as part of the UN’s Global Goals initiative.

The amazing video clip features singers and dancers from India, Nigeria, South Africa, the UK, USA and Canada and is being spread across the world in a bid to raise awareness for, and eradicate, injustice and inequality.

The message has received full backing by none other than Posh Spice herself, Victoria Beckham.

The project is asking women to share their own hopes and dreams using #WhatIReallyReallyWant and make enough noise to make it to the UN in September.

This is about modern day girl power,” said MJ Delaney, who directed the video.

“The Spice Girls were about a group of different women joining together and being stronger through that bond. These differences are what we want to celebrate in this film, while showing there are some universal things that all girls, everywhere, really, really want.”

The organisation worked with world leaders in 2015 to ensure that women and girls were taken into consideration when implementing “Sustainable Development Goals” to end poverty, fix climate change and tackle inequality, now they want to make sure these promises are carried through.

The Global Goals website states that “girls and women are disproportionately affected by these challenges and are key to building resilient communities to withstand them”

So join the conversation and start sharing what you really really want for women across the world.




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