Sophisticated Style For Your Home

When it comes to contemporary, design-focused furniture that doesn’t compromise on quality, TRENZSEATER instantly comes to mind. A force to be reckoned with in the New Zealand market, TRENZSEATER specialises in custom-made luxury furniture and interior design. Founded in 2004 by brothers Ben and Hamish Lewis, TRENZSEATER encourages buyers to examine their products firsthand at one of their showrooms.

Stylish, personalised and instantly recognisable, TRENZSEATER prides itself on an extensive range of furniture designed and manufactured in New Zealand. This is accompanied by a range of modern items from luxury international brands making waves in the design world.

Adding to their repertoire, TRENZSEATER offers a comprehensive interior design service to make your experience that much simpler. This accomplished service earned TRENZSEATER international recognition with achievements at the International Design & Architecture Awards, the International Design Awards (IDA) and the Andrew Martin Design Review.

Touching the Soul of Fine Wines

There’s one reason why mouth-blown crystal glasses are synonymous with true connoisseurship for many wine lovers. The sophisticated glasses in Schott’s collections are the perfect expression of these high standards and the passion for the finest things. The individual glasses will highlight even the most delicate wine colour and unveil texture, aroma and flavour. These Schott glasses are the perfect showcase for the world’s best wines.

The beauty of these wineglasses is in the simplicity. The Schott concept adheres to a special philosophy: the taste of wine, and not the distinction between red and white dictates a choice of a glass design. For powerful wines, whether red or white, a wide sweeping shape with plenty of room for aromas to unfold. Or for delicate, light wines, a glass with a narrow shaft for enhancing even the most distinguished nuances. White wine, red wine, rose: purely the function of the glass is decisive.

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