Save Your Life and Sleep In This Weekend


Save Your Life and Sleep In This Weekend
Gone are the days of being criticized for loving a snoozy Saturday. If your memory equates a good weekend lie-in with being dragged out of bed by your mother, it’s time to reassociate. Research shows a good sleep-in could be your ticket out from an early grave.

A survey of 38,000 adults reveals a shocking discovery; there is a 65% higher mortality rate for adults who get five hours sleep a night… unless they take advantage of a snooze when they don’t have to spring out of bed.

For many of us, the task of prying our eyes open and rolling out of a warm bed can feel almost impossible. Eyes feel tired, limbs feel weak; it’s a tough way to start the day. New research shows that this feeling may not be altogether fictional, in fact, those under the age of 65 who get five or fewer hours of sleep for seven days a week have a higher risk of death than those who consistently get six or seven hours of restful slumber.

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Lucky for the early worms and night owls a later lie-in can counter this fateful discovery. Research showed that individuals who lacked sleep in the week but had a lengthy snooze in the weekend had no raised mortality risk, compared to those who stuck to six or seven hours a night.

But don’t get into the habit of always taking advantage of a snooze; the research showed that people who slept for eight hours plus, seven days a week, were found to have a 25% higher mortality rate compared with those who kept to six or seven hours a day.

Like everything else, everything in moderation seems to be a good rule to apply when it comes to getting a good sleep in.

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