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Five minutes with: Soraya Hendesi


Soraya Hendesi is the founder of Snowberry, an anti-ageing skincare range designed and manufactured in New Zealand, MiNDFOOD reports.

Why did you choose to combine ingredients derived from the biotech lab with natural ingredients?

To have used only natural ingredients would have denied our customers the most effective anti-ageing ingredients known.

How are the products anti-ageing?

Snowberry works in three ways – first it provides outstanding moisturisation through a blend of very beautiful natural emollients, such as Cloudberry, Strawberry seed, Lingon berry, and Neem, in combination with natural biosaccharide gums that help the skin to retain moisture without blocking the skin’s pores – as some silicone compounds will do.

Second, using a combination of anti-oxidants such as Retinol Vitamin A, Idebenone and Ubiquinone, Snowberry actively combats free radicals, which are the unstable molecules most often caused by excessive exposure to sunlight and which are primary agents in skin cellular damage.

Finally, and this is where Snowberry may differ most from virtually every other brand of skincare, the creams and serums contain a complex cascade of extraordinary peptides. Peptides are naturally occurring compounds (generally synthesised for skincare products) that link two or more amino acids, which are actually the building blocks of proteins.

In the skin, it has been discovered that peptides act as messengers to stimulate natural cellular growth and repair. Peptides are simply essential ingredients in any highly functional anti-ageing skincare formula.

What are some of the most unusual ingredients in the range and what are they good for?

Snowberry contains more than 130 ingredients and most, for one reason or another, are unusual. While Snowberry is quintessentially New Zealand, it contains natural herbal oils from all around the world.

For me, it was never a question of saying, what do we have here in New Zealand or what can we grow here, it was always, what is the best that can be obtained, from anywhere. That is a very important part of our philosophy.

Are all the ingredients in your products sustainably derived?

We require from our suppliers assurance that their ingredients are sustainably harvested and further, that they are, or are working towards becoming carbon neutral.

Snowberry is a carbon neutral certified enterprise and that commitment to being environmentally sustainable carries over into everything we do, including using vegetable inks in our printed materials and containing our products in polypropylene rather than glass (since polypropylene produces 20 per cent less greenhouse gas than does the manufacture and recycling of glass).


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