Skin Vision

By Nicky Rennie

Skin Vision
In 2011, Dyck Uyttewaal launched an app that can identify melanoma from a photo. Now his app has been responsible for saving peoples lives around the world.

It is no secret that New Zealand and Australia have the highest rates of melanoma in the World, but it has taken a Dutch based company to bring about a major change that can save lives, with one simple app for your smart-phone.

Skin Vision is the brain-child of Dyck Uyttewaal, the CEO of Skin Vision. The app has been in development since 2011. After extensive medical and clinical studies in one of the largest dermatology clinics in Europe, in Munich, Germany, it is now the first and only certified app globally for the early detection of melanoma.

How does it work? Simple. You take a photo of any suspicious moles and within seconds, you receive a response that will let you know if your mole is dangerous. This app also gives you the opportunity to track the mole in question, if there are any changes that could be life threatening.

Officially launched in Europe in August 2014, there are now half a million users and they know of 25 lives that have been saved simply as a result of down-loading this ground-breaking app. Your first month is free and if you need any information, you can find it at

Nicky Rennie interviewed Dyck Uyttewaal for MiNDFOOD radio. Listen to his inspiring talk here.




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