Skin Virtue: The Australian skincare brand combating weather and lifestyle damage


Skin Virtue founder Nina Gajic
Skin Virtue founder Nina Gajic
Skin Virtue founder Nina Gajic talks about healing sensitive skin, while incorporating cutting-edge skin science.

How did Skin Virtue come about?

My experience with skin allergies and sensitivity was a long and hard journey. Ultimately, I started Skin Virtue to address my own skin concerns. Twelve years ago I opened up a clinic where I worked with our team of board-certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons to address cosmetic procedures and skin sensitivity as well as developing aftercare for patients to take home. Skin Virtue evolved naturally during this time.

What is unique about Skin Virtue?

There are so many elements of Skin Virtue that have taken time to develop and foster that make it unique. Our approach to skin health formulation and our clinical experience is one element. Skin Virtue was developed to optimise a healthy skin-barrier function and advance the physiological activity of the skin, as well as address age-related concerns. Our formulations were developed first and foremost to help protect the skin and its barrier function.

When the skin barrier function is compromised, it leads to sensitivity and irritation, which is a major and growing concern for many people these days. By helping to support the physiological processes and the functionality of skin we are able to activate its natural healing, repairing and regenerating process and reduce sensitivity. We also focus on maintaining optimum skin condition to delay the signs of intrinsic ageing. We then focus on targeted age-related treatments in which we zero in on skin-ageing concerns to minimise and, in some cases, help prevent the visible effects of ageing on the skin.

Our active ingredients are clinically tested and included in concentrations that ensure we achieve clinical results. We utilise natural active ingredients along with potent vitamins, minerals, peptides, antioxidants, soothing marine and botanical extracts and advanced delivery systems. All of our products are noncomedogenic, anti-irritating, anti-allergen and formulated without parabens or mineral oils.

How is Skin Virtue tailored to the Australian environment?

The harsh elements that we are exposed to on a daily basis wreak havoc on skin. Pollution and UV exposure contribute to most of the age-related concerns present in this country. Our formulations provide protection from pollution and oxidative stress and help to combat premature skin ageing and, at the same time, aid repair and regeneration for aged or stressed skin. Furthermore, with our targeted age-related treatments, we are able to address environmentally induced concerns such as discolouration, loss of firmness and elastin, and wrinkle formation.

What does it mean to you to have an Australian brand?

Australia is very well regarded in the world. I was born here in the 1970s, which means that I grew up in an era where awareness of the environmental impact on skin was not as it is today. That being said, I have had to pay extra attention to my skin and treat the effects that the Australian environment has had on it, which in turn led me to develop Skin Virtue. I would definitely say I am proud to have an Australian brand that has an in-depth understanding of the impact of the climate and lifestyle on skin.

How did you go about deciding on your range?

I focused on developing a range that is simple to use, yet multifunctional and effective. This allowed for the range to be smaller in size, in comparison with many other brands, which also makes it easier to choose the correct product for specific skin types and concerns. We have two ranges that relate to skin types: our Super Clear Collection for oilier skin, and the Pure Anti-Ageing Collection for dry skin. While normal skin types are more resistant, they do however tend to be either slightly oily or slightly dry at times, and you can use either of these ranges based on individual concerns. Our third range is the Future Advanced Treatment Collection, which is suitable for all skin types and designed to address age-related concerns.


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