Skin Virtue: The new Australian skincare delivering results

Skin Virtue: The new Australian skincare delivering results
Skin Virtue is a performance based skincare range that has mastered the synergy of clean beauty with cutting-edge skin science.

The recently launched Skin Virtue skincare range is anti-ageing and anti-allergen, Australian owned and formulated specifically for Australian conditions.

Nina Gajic’s experience with skin allergies and sensitivity was a long and hard journey. “Ultimately I started Skin Virtue to address my own skin concerns,” says Gajic. “A few years back my sensitive skin was so out of control I had to have it desensitised twice by immunologists, and then I ended up in hospital with pre-anaphylaxis. When I looked at the real reason as to what was going on I realised I was using products that were damaging my skin barrier. Our range uses ingredients that help replenish and protect the skin barrier because this is our first line of defence against the environment.”

Twelve years ago Gajic was running a clinic where she worked with a team of board-certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons to address cosmetic procedures and skin sensitivity as well as developing aftercare for patients to take home. Skin Virtue evolved naturally during this time.

“The main thing that we are trying to introduce people to is that we are a brand that focuses on sensitive skin,” says Gajic. “All our products are suitable to use on sensitive skin.” Sensitive skin is certainly a growing concern in Australia. “I don’t know if it’s lifestyle related or because we are dealing with more airborne pollutants, but there certainly are a growing number of people dealing with sensitive skin. That’s why we have made our entire range suitable for sensitive skin types.”

Skin Virtue was developed to optimise a healthy skin barrier function and advance the physiological activity of the skin, as well as address age-related concerns.”Our formulations were developed first and foremost to help protect the skin and its barrier function,” says Gajic. “When the skin barrier function is compromised it leads to sensitivity and irritation which is a major and growing concern for many people these days. By helping to support the physiological processes and the functionality of skin we are able to activate its natural healing, repairing and regenerating process and reduce sensitivity. Secondly we focus on maintaining our skin’s optimum condition to delay the signs of intrinsic skin ageing. We then focus on targeted age-related treatments where we zero in on skin-ageing concerns to minimise and in some cases help prevent the visible effects of ageing on the skin.

“Our active ingredients are clinically tested and included in concentrations that ensure we achieve clinical results. We utilise natural active ingredients along with potent vitamins, minerals, peptides, antioxidants, soothing marine and botanical extracts and advanced delivery systems. All of our products are non-comedogenic, anti-irritating, anti-allergen and formulated without parabens or mineral oils.”

The Skin Virtue range includes three collections: Super Clear, Pure Anti-Ageing and Future Advanced.

Super Clear range is for oilier skin types and addresses concerns such as breakouts, redness and large pores.

Pure Anti Ageing range is for dry skin types and addresses concerns such as dull, rough and scaly skin, tightness and premature wrinkles. While normal skin types are more resistant, they do however tend to be either slightly oily or slightly dry at times and can use either of these ranges based on their concerns.

Future Advanced Treatment range is suitable for all skin types and is designed to be used with the Super Clear range and the Pure Anti Ageing range to address age-related concerns such as the appearance of discolouration, wrinkles, volume loss and sagging skin.

If there’s one product Gajic would like everyone to try it’s the Future Advanced Multi Active. “It is suitable for all skin types and is imbued with a beautiful blend of active ingredients that provide skin with replenishing hydration, potent antioxidant protection, skin-soothing natural protection factors and global anti-ageing and skin-restoring peptides. It provides perfect pollution and environmental protection which helps to protect the skin from extrinsic and intrinsic stress factors to slow down the signs of premature skin ageing.”


Nina Gajic’s skincare routine

I have slightly oilier skin that is very sensitive and prone to breakouts, I am also in my 40s so my anti-ageing regimen has increased.

In the AM I cleanse with Super Clear Cleanse. I then alternate toners between Super Clear Clarifying Solution if I am having breakouts or Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution. I then use my hero product, Super Clear Purifying Crème Gel, which keeps my skin clear, followed by Future Advanced Multi Active for environmental protection.

For the eye area and temples, I apply Future Advanced Eye Serum as my under-eye area is slightly sunken and it has a lifting effect.

In the PM I do a double cleanse with Super Clear Cleanse, and then tone with Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution. Once my skin is perfectly dry I use Future Advanced Line Filler around my nasolabial and under-eye area as well as temples and forehead. Future Advanced Line Filler has a dehydrated hyaluronic acid in it that is able to penetrate into the dermis and fill up with water so it gives you a filler effect. This is then followed by Future Advanced Radiance Serum and then either Future Advanced Vitality Cream if I feel like I need lifting or Future Advanced Brightening to combat discolouration. Finally, I apply the Future Advanced Eye Serum.

Once or twice a week I will swap out Future Advanced Radiance Serum with Pure Radiance Glow Serum and I also use both the Pure Exfoliating Mask weekly or before an event as it preps the skin beautifully for makeup. I also use the Future Advanced Firming Mask weekly and always make sure I apply my products to my neck and décolleté as well as my hands and arms.


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