Six Beauty Innovations We Can’t Get Enough Of

Looking to up the ante on your beauty routine this autumn? We’ve rounded up the six new beauty innovations that we can’t live without. 


Dermalogica’s radiance-enhancing Biolumin-C Serum quickly garnered a cult-like following after its launch in 2018. Now Dermalogica has harnessed the same potent and ultra-stable vitamin C to rewind the clock in the area that often needs it the most – the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. As well as the brightening, collagen-boosting properties of vitamin C, new BioLumin-C Eye Serum ($136) also features a firming peptide to help restore youthfulness to the eye area. “These advanced ingredients will help brighten and firm the eye area, and help fight the signs of premature skin ageing caused by daily eye movements and environmental stress,” says Caroline Parker, Dermalogica New Zealand’s head of education.


Post-summer skin often needs help. Estée Lauder Perfectionist Pro Rapid Brightening Treatment Ferment2 + Vitamin C ($158) takes a holistic, multi-targeted approach to skin health with its brightening complex. The clever formulation is powered by two potent ferments and vitamin C which target numerous pathways within the skin to create a more luminous and even complexion. Molasses ferment speeds up natural cell turnover and exfoliation and yeast ferment reduces the appearance of dark spots on the skin’s surface. Meanwhile, vitamin C’s powerful antioxidant properties work on the deepest layer of the skin to improve radiance and tone. The end result is well-hydrated, glowing, clear skin.


If you dream about putting down the heated styling tools without having to worry about unwanted frizz and unruliness that tends to come with skimping on the heat styling, Joico Zero Heat ($36) makes sleek, fuss-free tresses easy. Designed to be used when you want to air-dry your hair without sacrificing style, the clever formula – available for fine/medium hair and thick hair – defines and enhances your hair’s natural texture without you needing to reach for the hair dryer. Not only does it minimise frizz, it reduces drying time, protects hair from humidity and boosts shine.

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Dark spots that contribute to uneven skin tone are difficult to treat. Thanks to various factors, when one spot vanishes, another appears. Clinique Even Better Clinical Radical Dark Spot Corrector + Interrupter (50ml, $189) works to disrupt this cycle by not only minimisimg the appearance of stubborn dark spots but by preventing future dark spots from forming. By using advanced skincare technology – including exfoliating salicylic acid, and gyokuro extract – the clever formulation interrupts the cycle by calming skin, making it less susceptible to irritation and resilient to further darkening.


As far as beauty innovations go – this is one we’ve been waiting to get our hands on for quite some time, as more than 20 years of research has gone into the creation of the new youth-restoring Dior Capture Totale C.E.L.L. Energy line. As we age, the energy within our stem cells declines, but the new collection can reactivate the energy that helps fight the signs of ageing. Dior Capture Totale C.E.L.L. Energy Super Potent Serum (50ml $345) is at the heart of the collection. It features Dior’s remarkable Bio-Cellular Technology made from four game-changing floral extracts, resulting in smoother, more age-proof skin.


A salon-standard hair dryer that ensures every day is a great hair day is essential for any haircare routine. The latest addition to the ghd family, helios ($320) helps you get smooth and silky blow-dried tresses in a jiffy. Created in conjunction with top physicists, engineers and styling professionals, helios uses a clever aerodynamic design and concentrated airflow travelling at 120km/h to dry hair quicker than ever. “The ghd helios hairdryer gives you the perfect flow of air when drying to create a natural fullness, stunning shine and smoothness like no other,” says Grant Norton, national education manager for ghd Australia and NZ.

The future of appearance medicine

Now part of the beauty mainstream, appearance medicine is safer, more affordable and more effective than ever before. The experts at Skin Institute reveal what the future holds for appearance medicine.

Gone are the days when appearance medicine was a taboo topic. According to Skin Institute, New Zealand’s cosmetic and skincare treatment specialists, appearance medicine has become more mainstream, accessible and more widely accepted in recent years.

In fact, in 2020, leading cosmetic medicine doctor Dr Sarah Hart believes appearance medicine will be increasingly seen as a normal tool in every woman’s self-care kit. In the past decade, appearance medicine has evolved remarkably, too – today treatments are more effective, safer and cheaper than ever before.

According to Skin Institute, women are much more open about talking about procedures and Kiwis are happy to ask for a helping hand from the experts in appearance medicine. Rather than worrying about days of downtime post- treatment, innovative non- invasive treatments are becoming commonplace.

What this means, says Skin Institute, is that for certain treatments, clients are able to walk in and walk out, perhaps over a lunch break, with minimal to no downtime so they can get back to daily life or even the office straight away. The experts at Skin Institute reveal the biggest trends that we can expect in appearance medicine in 2020 and beyond.



Fat-busting procedures, such as fat-dissolving injections using Belkyra, and fat freezing with Cooltech machines, are two treatments set to grow in popularity in 2020 and beyond. “Cosmetic medicine is a hugely innovative area and we’re always searching for easy walk-in, walk- out treatments for all appearance concerns,” explains Hart. Both Cooltech and Belkyra are two highly effective treatments that can be carried out with minimum risk or fuss.

Cooltech fat freezing is used for fatty deposits on the stomach, hips, thighs, arms and chin. Meanwhile, Belkyra injections are used on the stubborn submental fat under the chin to sculpt the jawline and reduce the appearance of a ‘double’ chin – studies are being carried out on how Belkyra might be used on other areas in the near future. Choosing the right treatment for you depends on the desired end result you have in mind.

As Skin Institute explains, fat freezing decreases the bulk, while fat injections can be customised to sculpt contours. “The results aren’t as dramatic as liposuction and a tummy tuck,” says Hart, “but are appropriate for women wanting more subtle change and minimal downtime.” Not all techniques are equal, however, so do your research beforehand. “For certain treatments, clients are able to walk in and walk out, perhaps over a lunch break, with minimal downtime.”


According to the experts at Skin Institute, while most customers are accustomed to a dermal filler treatment with just one or two syringes of filler per session, large-volume dermal fillers are set to become more common. Think three sessions with three to four syringes per session.

Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr Mauricio de Maio has pioneered a technique that uses dermal filler to support the natural movement of muscles. Rather than filler simply being used to pump up lips and cheeks, the large-volume dermal filler technique creates an incredibly natural look by supporting areas like the temples, chin and jawline to address the signs of ageing.



Threads to treat sagging and jowls are undergoing a renaissance: they are now dissolvable. “Dissolvable threads like Mint and Silhouette are growing in popularity as thread placement changes to suit the needs of different facial types,” says Hart. “Many practitioners are now placing threads under the jaw to give a maximum lift to sagging jowls. Thread lifts last about six months and work best on very early sagging.”



Hyaluronan – or hyaluronic acid – is a naturally occurring wonder substance that supports our cells, producing hydration and enhancing collagen projection. Injectable moisturisers, which place droplets of hyaluronan
under the skin’s surface, will be one of the go-to appearance medicine treatments of 2020, according to Skin Institute.

The end result is an incredibly smooth, well-hydrated complexion that lasts for weeks to months. Restylane Skinbooster Vital Light, Juvéderm Volite and Teosyal Redensity are three good options of injectable moisturiser. Hyaluronan fillers can also be used to sculpt and contour, says Hart. A new, firm hyaluronan dermal filler called Volux will be launched in New Zealand this year. “As a firmer filler, Volux will be fantastic for creating defined cheeks and chins,” says Hart.

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