4 simple ways to stay hydrated at work

4 simple ways to stay hydrated at work
Follow these simple steps to staying hydrated and healthy at work.

Offices can be a hotbed of distractions. From loud co-workers to constantly ringing phones or busy doorbells, there is always something to disrupt your workflow. When you’re preoccupied with your daily responsibilities, it can be hard to remember to eat, let alone attempting to stay hydrated.

We know how much water we need to drink and that is essential to our overall health, yet many of us struggle to meet our daily quota. Drinking enough water is a frustrating shortfall for many but there are simple ways to improve your consumption and re-energise your water routine.

Snack mindfully

Hydration need not only be accomplished through water consumption, in fact roughly 20% of our daily water consumption comes from food. Snacking on (healthy) hydrating foods throughout the day can help stave off sugar cravings, promote healthy eating and keep you stay energised. Try bringing hydrating snacks like celery, baby tomatoes, cucumbers, grapefruits and strawberries to work and keep them handy for when the hunger hits.

Try this refreshing recipe for Pickled Radish, Cucumber and Watercress Salad.

Avoid dehydrating foods and drinks

Staying away from foods and drinks that unbalance the body and cause dehydration is just as important as staying on top of water consumption. By removing sugary beverages like soft drink and sweet teas, as well as avoiding highly processed foods, your body has a greater chance of remaining hydrated and fighting fatigue.

Make water a permanent desk fixture

A personal water bottle or carafe is a must-have for remembering to stay hydrated throughout the day. By placing the bottle in your line of visibility it acts as a permanent reminder to drink up. Keeping a product like the BRITA fill&serve on hand will encourage you to take more frequent sips of water, while inhibiting cravings for sugary beverages.

Having the convenience of a carafe, that not only acts as a reminder to hydrate but provides great tasting, filtered water, removes the need to constantly leave your desk to refill – a common deterrent when trying to a maintain a healthy routine. The smart carafe also stops you making frequent and costly trips to the vending machine, which not only impacts your wallet and health (BPAs) but the environment also.

Make your water exciting

Filtered water provides a great tasting alternative to chlorinated tap water but if you want to take it one step further then why not add your favourite fruits or vegetables to your carafe? The BRITA fill&serve can easily be filled with your favourite flavours. Try cooling slices of cucumber, sliced strawberries or a spritz of lemon for an exciting alternative to regular water.



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