Simple tips for creating a cosy and comfortable home

Property stylist and interior designer, Justine Wilson from Vault Interiors, shares her insider tips to create a cosy and comfortable space.

1. Rich colour tones in lush fabrics. Think textural fabrics like wool, velvet and faux fur. Hot colours this winter are olive, emerald, plum, mustard, burnt orange and deep magenta. To update your home think about investing in new scatter cushions, thick bed or sofa throws or even a colourful plush rug underfoot. You can also just use decorative vases or flowers in these tones to bring a cherry pop of colour.

2. Change your bedding. Winter is a good time to change out your bedding to thicker weight duvets and new linen. The summer trend was lots of simple white or cream light weight linen, but in winter try a textured spread like a waffle or tufted linen design. Opt for deeper colour tones for the ultimate cosy feel and really layer your bedding with a coverlet and a throw for maximum impact.

3. Candles are my winter go to. It’s easy for a home to feel musty and dark with windows and doors often shut to keep in the warmth, so use pretty scented candles will help lift your mood. This year candles on mass will be a big trend. All you need is a round platter, or tray and 5-8 candles, light them all and you have a beautiful centrepiece for your dining or coffee table that will smell great and provide an ambient glow.

4. Mirrors are a great tool. Use them in winter, as they will reflect any available light and make your interior less gloomy, it can also bring the outdoors in. Hang them in hallways, dark rooms and anywhere you can reflect a nice outlook. The more the merrier in winter, and if you can reflect a nice lamp or floor lamp – even better.

5. Create an outdoor room. This would be my top tip this winter, especially with mandatory isolation. We may not be able to travel or go camping, so why not bring the experience into your backyard! Invest in an outdoor fire pit, most councils allow them if you burn only dry wood, get some nice outdoor comfy chairs and string some outdoor solar fairy lights for the full affect!

How to Work Green into Your Living Space This Season

If you love green as much as the STYLE team does, you’ll be happy to know that it’s never been easier to invite the fresh shade into your living space.

Rich shades of emerald and teal are the go-to this season. Lush velvets and exquisite textures give extra depth and dimension to shades of green. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold prints and team with ever-popular blush hues.

Discover some of our favourite pieces below.