Should These Words Go In The Dictionary?


Should These Words Go In The Dictionary?
There are 12 new words under consideration

In order to keep up with changing times, Macquarie Dictionary is looking for new words to add to its collection. As editor Susan Butler says, “The words that a language community chooses to use end up being, collectively, a mirror to the changes that are happening around us. The task of the dictionary is to keep track of these changes as one way of recording our culture.”

To achieve this, Macquarie Dictionary is taking submissions from its readers for words they use and hear on a frequent basis. Twelve of these submissions include:

Transracial: being born one race but identifying as another

Extra: being ridiculous, ashamed, over the top

WAxit: the succession of Western Australia from the Australian federation

Blackwashing: casting a ‘traditionally’ white character with a black actor

Solarpunk: a genre of fiction in which the future is depicted as a positive balance between humanity and the environment

Manterruption: when a man interrupts a woman because they think they have a better point of view or want to discredit the woman

Splinternet: the breaking up of the internet between national and regional lines

Glo up: a makeover or transformation from drab to fab

Hepeated: when an idea is ignored when suggested by a woman and loved when suggested by a man

Oversharenting: when parents share too much of their children’s lives on social media

Throuple: a romantic relationship between three people

Xennial: the generation between X and millenials, born between 1977 and 1983

What do you think – do we need these words?




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