Set the Mood With Our Favourite Candles

Candles are the perfect way to make your home feel like a safe haven. We’ve rounded up our favourite things that candles can help us feel.


Urban Apothecary’s ‘Green Lavender’.

This Green Lavender Urban Apothecary candle creates the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing night in. The calming nature of this herbal aroma will help alleviate stress after from a long week.

The fresh, yet floral scent of lavender wafting gently through your bedroom creates a calm oasis that you’ll find peaceful and nurturing.


Diptique’s Feu De Bois‘.

Indulge in this Parisian crafted candle. Feu De Bois by Diptique translates to ‘Wood Fire’ and sets the scene of a cosy night by the fireplace. Find peace and tranquility through the complex aroma blend of blazing embers and smoky lapsang tea, which is sure to warm your soul.


Otherland’s Mountain Lace’.

You don’t have to break the bank to pamper yourself with the most luxurious scents. This Otherland candle mixes notes of elderflower, pear and apple blossom to resemble the scent of freshly fallen snow on a wintery mountaintop. This light scent brings life into the dreary nights and freshens up your home.


If you like your fragrances sweet, this Jo Malone sweet almond and macaroon candle is the way to go. This scent combines the delectable notes of macaroons, delightful sweet almond, creamy coconut and ripened cherries. Vanilla engulfs the whole assortment of flavours, creating a harmonious, warm and delicious fragrance.

Glasshouse’s ‘Arabian Nights’.


For those of you wanting a more classy, grown-up scent, this Glasshouse candle is perfect for you.  Rich with saffron and white Oud, this lustrous scent gives you the luxurious ambience you’ve been wanting. Transport yourself to the Dubai sand dunes with this Arabian inspired concoction of elegance.


Fall in love with these award-winning kitchen design inspirations

Did all that time at home during lockdown get you thinking about a kitchen renovation? Fall in love with these award-winning kitchen design inspirations.

The 2020 Australian Interior Designs Awards provides cutting edge ideas and inspirations for what’s new in kitchen design.

BUDGE OVER DOVER by YSG. Photography Prue Ruscoe

Winner of the Residential Design category, this interior is full of personality. Soothing colours, rounded edges and natural light creates a stylish yet comfortable space.

TAMARAMA HOUSE by Bennett Murada Architects. Photography Brett Boardman Photography

With natural materials such as timber, stone and concrete and a soft palette of aquatic blues and greens the interior of this home compliments the surrounding seascape.

HILL HOUSE by Decus Interiors. Photography Anson Smart

This contemporary kitchen has a sense of elegant warmth thanks to its use of a refined palette, rounded edges and simple styling.

ARMADALE HOUSE by Sanders & King. Photography Sharyn Cairns

The kitchen island is a work of art in the newly restored Victorian mansion.

GREAT OCEAN ROAD RESIDENCE by Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors. Photography Mark Roper

The Great Ocean Road Residence is a coastal home for a growing family. Seamless and sustainable principles combine with luxurious materiality to create a haven and a home.