Self-hypnosis exercises to improve focus and promote relaxation

Self-hypnosis exercises to improve focus and promote relaxation
Whether you're stressed, overwhelmed or just need to slow down for a minute, try out these mindfulness exercises to regain your focus and bring a sense of calmness into your day. 

As the practice of mindfulness moves into the mainstream, more people are finding short, simple ways to clear their minds and unwind.

“Mindfulness or self-hypnosis exercises are valuable in assisting us to relax, become centered and clear-minded,” says Rhondda Stewart, a trained hypnotherapist from The Clover Institute.

Just like physical exercises, everyday self-hypnosis exercises can help train your brain and build stronger neural pathways. “[Taking] a moment out to reset your thinking, in turn, resets how you feel,” says Stewart.

We asked Stewart to share her two favourite mindfulness exercises:


Exercise 1: Work with nature

Take a nice deep breath in and exhale as slowly as you can, make it last, slowly all the way out. Now look around and find a tree, flower or natural element and focus just on that one thing. Take

Another breathe in and slowly exhale and keep your focus and thoughts about that one thing. Keep breathing and be mindful of that one thing for 3 to 5 minutes repeat each day and build the time to 10 minutes.


Exercise 2: Sounds that resonate a calm feeling

Find a Genre of music that is calming and relaxing for you, then once again, get into a rhythm of breathing in and slowly out, listen to the music as you breathe softly and stay focused on the melody and or words. Play two songs and then refocus.

In a few minutes of working with either exercise you are starting to build a new internal program in your mind and body to relax.


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