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Seeing the light


Seeing the light
Forgoing tedious shaving and waxing routines sounds like a beauty dream come true. We find out all we need to know about laser hair removal.

Once summer rolls around and we shed our winter layers, a dreaded battle with razors and waxing often begins. In a quest to ditch tiresome hair-removal methods for good, we caught up with Caci training manager Sonya Hatangad to find out everything we need to know about getting rid of pesky body hair once and for all.

I’m tired of shaving and waxing, but I’m not sure if laser hair removal is right for me.

Before we start any kind of treatment at Caci we do complimentary consultations for any programme we offer. You come in and talk to an expert in the clinic and we discuss what your main concerns are and then work out a customised treatment that’s right for you. When it comes to laser hair removal, the ideal candidate for this treatment is someone with dark hair.

How does laser hair removal work? 

We use VPL (variable pulsed light). The light is attracted to the pigment in the hair and it travels down into the bulb of the hair and destroys the cells that promote hair growth. Generally hair will then start to fall out about ten to 15 days after the treatment. The darker and coarser the hair is, the better results you can get, due to the pigment that the hair holds – more the light will be attracted to it.

Do I need more than one treatment?

You usually need a course of eight treatments in a period of a year. If you’re on one of our Freedom programmes, you get a guarantee of five treatments the following year, if you need them. Treatments are done every six weeks.

Is there anything I need to avoid or do differently after having a treatment?

Throughout the course of getting your laser done, whether it’s summer or winter, you need to keep the area protected from the sun and use sunscreen. We want to get the optimum results from the treatment and sun can interfere with that. It’s really important that you’re applying sunscreen to treated areas and then reapplying it every two hours. You don’t have to avoid the sun completely; you just need to be sun smart. And besides, you should wearing your sunscreen anyway. Everyone should be wearing sunscreen every day to protect themselves.

Is it just for legs or can I treat other body areas?

We can treat the face, chest, arms, stomach, underarms, bikini lines, Brazillian and of course, legs. We often see clients that start in one area and then they get such great results that the treatments lead onto other areas, it changes their life! Not having to shave everyday, not having to wax, not having to deal with ingrown hairs, all of that itchiness and rashes that can come with other hair removal method, not having to deal with them any more. That’s often why they continue to treat other areas.

What other beauty advice should we be following over summer?

Drinking lots of water is important. Getting enough rest. And trying to minimise stress as much as possible and doing things that make you happy: whether it’s going to the beach or doing some exercise. All of these will have a positive effect on your skin. What’s happening internally does reflect on your skin.

Up until the 31st of October Caci are offering the treatment of two areas for the price of one with their laser hair removal plan. Find out more here and book your free consultation.

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