See the Smart Forest City being built in the heart of Mexico

<em>Photo credit: The Big Picture, Federico Biancullo</em>
Photo credit: The Big Picture, Federico Biancullo
Mexico’s new forest city will absorb 116,000 tons of carbon dioxide, with 5,800 tons of CO2 stocked per year.

Mexico will soon be home to a new Smart Forest City – a space that balances green and built spaces, and is completely food and energy self-sufficient.

Commissioned by Grupo Karim and designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti, the city will be created in Cancun. It will host up to 130,000 inhabitants, with buildings designated to 557ha and 400ha reserved for green spaces – including parks, green roofs and green façades.

The city will feature more than 7.5 million plants and 400 different species, with a ratio of 2.3 trees per inhabitant.

The city is surrounded by solar panels and agricultural fields, and water is gathered at the entrance to the city, next to a desalination tower, and then moved through the city via a system of canals.

Inhabitants leave their cars at the edge of the city, being able to move internally with electric vehicles.

The architectural firm’s forest city concept was first introduced in Liuzhou, China, breaking ground in 2017.



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