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See how swimsuit fashions have changed in 100 years


Marilyn Monroe brings the va va voom to the beach.
Marilyn Monroe brings the va va voom to the beach.
Swimsuit fashions sure have changed over the past 100 years

My mother once told me that as a young girl she and her sisters had knitted bathers. A thought that I found sufficiently horrifying, and indeed my mum spent a good deal of her youth waterlogged. However as this super cute video from Buzzfeed shows, mum’s knitted togs had once been in fashion (long before she wore them, mind).

The video traces how swimsuit fashions have changed – from suits that hid scandalous body parts (like those saucy ankles and knees) to the boop-boop-a-doop 50s curve clingers and the introduction of the bikini in 1946 (fun fact, apparently it was to save material during the austere war time).

Now bathers come in all shapes and sizes, for all shapes and sizes. And contrary to recent controversial ad campaigns, we’re of the opinion that everybody has a “beach ready” body – whether you choose to wear a bikini, a muu-muu or a pair of budgie smugglers (though we’re a little undecided on the final one).


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