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Secondhand smoke could kill your pet

Secondhand smoke could kill your pet

Cancer kills more cats and dogs than any other disease, with new research suggesting second-hand smoke inhalation could be to blame.

Secondhand smoke could kill your pet

Research has consistently revealed that no level of exposure to secondhand smoke is considered safe for humans or animals, yet many don’t even consider their pets’ health when lighting up.

According to tests conducted by Colorado State University and Tuft’s University School of Veterinary Medicine in Massachusetts, both dogs and cats often experience the devastating effects of breathing in secondhand smoke, with many at risk of dying.

The research revealed that both animals developed some level of respiratory problems, with dogs developing nasal and lung cancer, while cats suffered with malignant lymphoma, mouth cancer and allergies.

Results also showed that cats were the more sensitive of the two, with their chances of being diagnosed with cancer doubling when exposed to tobacco.

Some of the signs that pets are suffering from secondhand smoke include: trouble eating and breathing, coughing, vomiting, weight loss, bleeding, sneezing and nasal discharge.

The Morris Animal Foundation’s in Denver CO has discovered that cancer kills more cats and dogs than any other disease. While the statistics do not reveal how many pets die each year due to secondhand smoke or tobacco exposure, vets are able to see from various tests and consultations that pets who inhale smoke experience inflammations, allergies, pulmonary and nasal cancer.

As Dr. Sharon Gwaltney-Brant, medical director of the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center states:

“Nicotine from secondhand smoke can have effects to the nervous systems of cats and dogs. Environmental tobacco smoke has been shown to contain numerous cancer-causing compounds, making it hazardous for animals as well as humans.”

While tobacco companies acknowledge the risk of second hand smoke to people, they have not addressed its effect on pets of smoker.

Pets spend an incredible amount of time by their owner’s side and every time someone lights up, they too are likely to suffer harmful effects.

If not for the sake of your own health, consider the safety of your furry friend and take smoking outdoors.

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