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Scientists ‘Know Precisely Where MH370 Is’ After Remodelling The Ocean

Scientists ‘Know Precisely Where MH370 Is’ After Remodelling The Ocean

Whilst the 2014 disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 remains a mystery, scientists believe they have narrowed down the potential search to a fraction of space that was already searched in 2016.

Scientists ‘Know Precisely Where MH370 Is’ After Remodelling The Ocean

CSIRO researchers say they are confident they’ve found the “precise location” which had been previously missed by aerial surveillance.

David Griffin, head of the team from the CSIRO, said his team had continued analysing drift modelling data well after the ocean search had concluded, estimating that the plane went down along the “seventh arc.”

“There’s a strong current crossing across the seventh arc at (a latitude of) 35 degrees south, so we think the plane crashed into that current going to the north-west … that explains why debris didn’t arrive in Australia,” he said at the Australian Marine Sciences Association (AMSA) national conference in Darwin. This theory would also help explain why the plane’s debris continued to be recovered from the east coast of Africa.

Additionally, an independent analysis of previously secret data from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has confirmed that he Boeing 777 was in a spiral dive in its final moments and it is unlikely anyone was in control. The analysis released yesterday by the Independent Group, a team of aviation experts, confirms the Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s long-held view on the plane’s disappearance in 2014.

Conspiracy theorists have suggested that the Boeing 777 was under the control of one of the pilots and “landed” on the ocean.

The search for the plane, which has been led by Australia, was suspended this year by Malaysia despite a new area being identified as the potential location of the wreckage.

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