Say hello to The Essentials you need in your skincare routine

With an endless multitude of skincare lotions and potions promising to solve all your skincare woes, whittling them down to a handful of products that deliver serious results isn’t always as straightforward as it should be.

Often, in the quest for luminous skin, we fall into the trap of loading up our skin with products we don’t always need. Fortunately, when armed with a little know-how and the right products, it’s easy to transform your routine into a pampering ritual that promotes radiant and healthy skin. Enter The Essentials by La Mer – a luxurious yet no-nonsense approach to skincare that simplifies your routine without sacrificing noticeable results.

The Miracle Worker

In order to restore a luminous glow to skin, we tend to stock our beauty shelves with a plethora of currently trending skincare ingredients. The Essentials take the guesswork out of deciphering what ingredients will benefit skin and deliver the results you’re after.

La Mer’s iconic cell-renewing Miracle Broth is at the heart of each of the skincare must-haves featured in The Essentials collection. This tried-and-true formula harnesses the rejuvenating properties of hand-harvested Giant Sea Kelp to deeply nourish and hydrate skin while enhancing your complexion’s radiance, tone and texture.

Hydrate and Prep

If you want to guarantee the best possible results from your skincare routine, there is one simple step you need to start with: hydrating and prepping your skin for the products that follow. The Treatment Lotion by La Mer is the first step in The Essentials routine. On application, the lightweight watery lotion instantly smoothes, preps and primes skin while unlocking the potential of each following skincare product. The incredibly hydrating formula also works to provide the skin with an instant hydration boost that lasts right around the clock.

Strengthen and Protect

Each day our complexion is under threat from environmental stressors such as pollution, UV rays and fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels. And while these stressors are often an unavoidable part of everyday life, overtime exposure to them can lead to premature skin ageing. Step two in The Essentials routine, The Concentrate by La Mer, is powered by innovative ingredients that transform your skin making it more resilient than ever before. Day after day the antioxidant-rich formulation strengthens and protects the skin’s barrier while visibly soothing stressed and sensitive skin.

Restore and Brighten

The delicate skin surrounding the eyes needs a considered approach when it comes to banishing the signs of ageing. The Eye Concentrate by La Mer has been formulated with the unique needs of the eye area in mind. With La Mer’s rejuvenating Miracle broth at the heart of the formula, the quick-absorbing yet deeply restorative eye cream visibly transforms the eye area. With daily use, skin is smoother, lines are less visible and unwanted dark circles become a problem of the past. Enhance the benefits of The Eye Concentrate by applying it with the soothing cooling applicator that boosts microcirculation to encourage resilient, healthy skin.

Renew and Moisturise

Crème de la Mer, the final step in The Essentials routine, has a cult following in the beauty world for good reason. The unique formulation is renowned for immersing skin in unparalleled moisture, working quickly to soothe and restore luminosity. The legendary healing Miracle Broth does much of the heavy lifting in this luxurious moisturiser, infusing skin with the remarkable rejuvenating properties of the most efficacious ingredients sourced from the ocean. When applying, make sure you gently tap a small amount between your fingers to activate the Miracle Broth and unleash Crème de la Mer skin-transforming potential.

La Mer is available instore and online from Smith & Caughey’s, instore at David Jones and in selected stores and online from Mecca.

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Alfie Ingham, Head Chef at Hugo’s Bistro Reveals His 10 Favourite Eateries in New Zealand

Parisian bistros, Spanish pintxos bars and Italian trattorias serve as inspiration for Alfie Ingham’s menu at Auckland’s Hugo’s Bistro.

“We work with small suppliers, cheesemongers, fisherman and butchers. Their produce makes up the majority of the menu,” says the head chef. Ingham’s love for simple, bold flavours sees a menu that lets the produce take centre stage, while a passion for local ingredients drives the menu’s direction. Ingham spoke with STYLE to share his favourite restaurants and dining spots around Aotearoa.

La Fuente Wine & Mezcal, Auckland

Tucked down the CBD’s Snickel Lane is Auckland’s go-to mezcal bar. “A great spot to try a diverse range of wines and let Mundo guide you through the world of mezcal,” says Ingham.

Gochu, Auckland

Photo credit: Yuki Zhang

Ingham loves the modern Korean cuisine on offer at Commercial Bay’s Gochu. “You’ll have to get Jason’s fried chicken which is amazing. But don’t miss out on dishes like the Mool Hwe, cold fish soup or Soon Dae, venison black pudding wrapped in seaweed.”

Rita, Wellington

Wellington’s iconic Rita is the dinner spot where Ingham is dying to go. “I’ve heard nothing but great things about this restaurant, a daily changing three-course menu inspired by the seasons.”

Lillius, Auckland

Photo credit: Tez Mercer Photography

“Fraser and Shannon have created a truly beautiful restaurant with innovative dishes, using incredible produce,” says Ingham. “Their creative uses of vegetables always surprise me – the yam tart for dessert is incredible!”

Cassia, Auckland

Sid Sarhawat’s award-winning Cassia is a “guaranteed fun night out” says Ingham. “I think Cassia set the bar for restaurants in New Zealand years ago, and it’s still at the top.”

Cooked, Whitianga

Whitianga’s Cooked serves up world-class Mexican cuisine in a laid-back setting. Ingham recommends the tacos and tequila at this hidden gem in the heart of the Coromandel.

Cazador, Auckland

Photo credit: Pippa Drummond

At Cazador, you’ll find a unique family restaurant that’s famous for its wild game. “Drink sherry, eat the charcuterie and let them treat you like a local,” says Ingham. Choose from the a la carte menu to try the feast menu for the ultimate Cazador experience.

Kika, Wanaka

Visit Wanaka’s Kika for “some of the best food in the country,” says Ingham. “My old boss, James Stapley, is one of the best chefs in the country.” The eclectic space and unique menu is matched with a carefully curated wine list of local and international varietals.

Apéro, Auckland

Blackboard specials and delicious meats are Ingham’s recommendations when dining at Apéro. “Eat terrine, sausage, everything on the blackboard and let Mo decide your drinks,” he says. “Go in for a quick wine and leave far later than you planned.”

Sherwood, Queenstown

Discover vintage-inspired rooms and an exceptional restaurant at this boutique hotel in Queenstown. “They grow a lot of their own produce and it shows in their seasonal menu,” says Ingham.