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Save the Kiwi Month

Save the Kiwi Month

Celebrate New Zealand's national icon this October.

Save the Kiwi Month

October is Save the Kiwi Month, a national fundraising campaign organised by Kiwi for Kiwi. With just 68,000 Kiwis left in New Zealand, protecting this iconic bird is crucial for its survival. New Zealand is losing 2% of its native bird every year – approximately 20 Kiwis a week. 

To preserve the status of this intelligent, harmless species, Save the Kiwi Month encourages people to do what they can to help protect the Kiwi, whether that’s donating to conservation efforts, volunteering at Kiwi projects or trapping predators such as stoats and rats.

Visit to find out how you can help.

Did you know?

  • Kiwis belong to the ratite group, an ancient group of flightless birds
  • There are 5 different Kiwi species: Great Spotted, Tokoeka, Okarito Brown (Rowi), Little Spotted and North Island Brown
  • Kiwi eggs take up 20% of the mother’s body. They are larger than almost all other birds
  • Kiwis dig burrows to make their nests
  • Kiwis are nocturnal and can be heard calling at dawn or dusk
  • Kiwis can live for 25-50 years
  • Kiwis are omnivores and typically feed on worms and other bugs, as well as berries and seeds
  • Kiwis have poor eyesight but a strong sense of smell and touch

Check out Auckland Zoo’s video of their first Kiwi chick for the 2016/2017 season.



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