Sanctuary retreats help to boost rhino population in Botswana

By Kate Hassett

Sanctuary retreats help to boost rhino population in Botswana
In an effort to protect the remaining rhinos on this great continent , they are being relocated to Sanctuary Retreats in the hope of boosting their population and saving their kind from extinction.

The dwindling rhino population is a deeply concerning and important issue for the African continent, as well as for conservationists world wide.

Due to various environmental factors, as well as an unprecedented increase in poaching levels due to high demand in Asia, the rhino’s horn has become a commodity which places a very high bounty on a rhino’s head. The Council on Foreign Affairs states that rhino poaching rates have seen a 10,000 percent increase since 2007 – a sickening statistic that shows no sign of decreasing.

It is estimated that fewer than 29,000 rhino survive worldwide with the Northern White Rhino sadly reaching numbers as low as 4 this year. The Black Rhino, is listed as critically endangered with the number of animals surviving in the wild at just under 5000. These staggering statistics show the serious threat of extinction that this species faces on a daily basis.

As such, Sanctuary Retreats is participating in a significant relocation project that will see black and white rhino transported to the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana. The complex operation has been overseen by Rhino Conservation Botswana, with the aim to give the rhino the best chance of survival in the wild, while being protected around the clock.

“Sanctuary Retreats is very proud to be participating in one of the most important conservation projects across all of Africa, helping to ensure the future of the Rhino population. As an organisation, support for environmental and philanthropic projects is fundamental to our ethos and we are committed to taking the very best care and help to monitor this group of Rhino to ensure they settle into their new environment.” said SR Operations Director, Charl Badenhorst.

The sanctuary will provide a safe haven for the remaining Rhino, with guests having the added benefit of knowing they are contributing to the continued conservation efforts of a species.

For more information about these conservation efforts visit the Sanctuary Retreats website. 


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