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A Royal Family is Relocating to the United States

News Agency/via REUTERS

A Royal Family is Relocating to the United States

America is about to get its very own royal family. Princess Madeleine of Sweden recently announced that she and her family are moving to Florida.

A Royal Family is Relocating to the United States

The US may have lost Meghan Markle, but they’re about to gain a whole family of royals.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden has announced via Sweden’s Royal Court that she and her family are relocating permanently to the United States. She—along with her husband, Chris O’Neill—are headed to Florida with their three children: Prince Nicolas, Princess Leonore, and Princess Adrienne, who is only four months old.


“The time and opportunity for the United States is good for the family when the children are still in preschool age,” it said in a press release.

Upon first thought, it may seem like a crazy move. Florida is about 5,000 miles away from Sweden—not to mention very different in culture and climate. But Madeleine and her husband, Christopher O’Neill, are actually very connected to the States.

The couple met in 2010 when Madeleine was working in New York City. O’Neill is British American and his mother lives in Palm Beach, so perhaps the move is so the family can be closer to her. Also, after the royal pair got married in 2013, they stayed in the States for a brief time and welcomed their first child, Princess Leonore. In the years after, they decided to decamp to London and Stockholm, where they had two more children: Adrienne and Nicolas.

The Royal Court confirmed that, upon their move, the family will leave the British capital but still keep a residence in Sweden.

Which city or town in Florida is still unknown— however one thing that’s for sure is that they’ll have little use for their fancy embroidery clad frocks in the Sunshine State.

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