Rogue Space Station Will Crash Into Earth This Easter


Rogue Space Station Will Crash Into Earth This Easter
Out of control space station Tiangong-1 is on a direct course to hit planet Earth some time this weekend. Where and when will it land?

Tiangong-1, a rogue space station spiralling out of control is expected to crash land somewhere on Earth this weekend. The European Space Agency (ESA) believes it will hit the planet at some point between March 30 and April 2, The Daily Mail reports. The location is not yet confirmed.

Tiangong-1, a Chinese space station, is carrying highly toxic chemicals which are expected to create a series of fireballs upon entering Earth’s atmosphere. If conditions are clear, observers may be able to witness the fireballs streak across the sky. “It is now nearing its fiery demise,” says Markus Dolensky of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research.

Fireballs aside, Tiangong-1 will be visible itself as it passes through the atmosphere and descends towards Earth. Observers can expect to see a white light moving quickly through the air. In a statement, ESA said: “It is possible that some debris will reach the Earth’s surface.”

You can track the Tiangong-1’s progress on ESA’s website. Currently, the out of control space station is sitting at an altitude of around 200km.

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