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Clarins: Responsible development

Since it was created, the Clarins Group has based its development on respect for mankind and nature, on MiNDFOOD.

In light of current economic, social and environmental concerns and true to its motto “do more, do better and enjoy doing so”, the Clarins Group is strengthening its commitment to a better world and is today formalising its Responsible Development approach in ten points.

1. Create formulas that are safer than ever.

The Clarins Group’s priorities are product safety and efficacy, rigorous procedures and traceability that goes beyond regulatory restrictions. Attesting to this commitment, its Laboratories were the first in the cosmetics industry to receive GLP “Good Laboratory Practice” certification.

2. Conceive environmentally friendly formulas.

A rigorous ingredients policy gives priority – conserving the same efficacy and sensory effect – to plant-based raw ingredients, organically farmed ingredients, locally grown plants and, when they come from far away, fair trade plants.

3. Help to protect biodiversity.

Following on from partnerships with Pro-Natura in Brazil and Alp Action in Europe, the Clarins Group supports the Herboretum in Saint-Ay and the Bastide du Parfumeur in Grasse. It is also involved in preserving botanical heritage and raising the public’s awareness of the richness of biodiversity.

The Clarins brand has created the ClarinsMen Environment Award: the first prize winner, Jean-Pierre Nicolas, recreates pharmacopoeias all across the world and was rewarded for his exceptional work as an ethnobotanist and his desire to save plants in order to save lives.

For their part, the Group’s Perfume brands encourage the rehabilitation of plant crops used in their compositions and honouring the expertise of local communities.

4. Design products and POS with as low an environmental impact as possible.

Reducing weight and volume, choosing recycled and recyclable materials, raising awareness concerning their reuse, researching new printing techniques and new display and communication means.

Eco-design thinking is incorporated into the approach adopted by all of the teams involved in development (marketing, purchasing, merchandising, creative studios, etc.).

5. Encourage innovation.

A forerunner in the areas of both beauty and fragrance, the Clarins Group encourages innovation, as illustrated in its partnership with Bertrand Piccard’s Solar Impulse project: enabling a plane to fly on solar energy alone, both night and day.

6. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and optimise the use of natural resources.

Following the Carbon Assessment carried out on all the Group’s French sites, the aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 per cent by the end of 2011.

Indicators have been set to reduce the impact of packaging items and transport, reduce air freight, limit employee travel in favour of video conferences, promote renewable energy, encourage high-performance equipment for lighting and heating, reduce water usage and improve the quality of recovered water, etc.

7. Limit unnecessary production and improve the supply chain.

Adjusting stock levels and sales forecasts, reducing returns and disposals, finding sources of savings, redesigning the procedures and functioning of the logistics flows : these are all economic and environmental imperatives at the heart of the Group’s concerns.

8. Raise awareness concerning Responsible Development values.

A sustainable development training programme is in place and dedicated information is available on the intranet site for staff. A film on the values of the Clarins brand has been made for journalists and an ethics charter defined for suppliers. Presentations are given on a regular basis by the Responsible Development department to raise awareness amongst all the Group’s partners in France, along with the subsidiaries, who have each designated a Responsible Development Coordinator.

9. Support members of staff and encourage their development within the Group.

Human resources management is a priority for the Clarins Group. An integration seminar allows each new employee to discover the Group’s values. An ambitious training policy, structured within a corporate university, promotes skills development. Mobility between brands and countries along with diversity, respecting all differences and sensibilities, are encouraged. Ongoing internal communication fosters listening to others and recognition of one’s work, which boosts team spirit and motivation.

10. Establish itself as an exemplary socially responsible company.

The Clarins Group supports medical research with the Fondation Arthritis and various Associations including Etincelle and La Vie de plus Belle, which provide beauty care for women suffering from cancer. For 12 years in France and now in 11 further countries, the Clarins Award is given to women who devote their energy to improving the lives of children in difficulty. 50 Dynamic Women have already been rewarded. A huge chain of solidarity has thus been created by Clarins, a truly socially responsible company on a global scale.


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