Rescued Romeo: Dog recovered from rubble ten days after Italy Earthquake

Rescued Romeo: Dog recovered from rubble ten days after Italy Earthquake

At times of great tragedy it’s nice to hear of the little miracles in life.

One such miracle occurred ten days after the horrific earthquake hit Italy on August 24.

Not long after all survivors were assumed rescued, firefighters recovered a golden retriever by the name of Romeo, from underneath a pile of rubble in central Italy.

The firefighters were alerted to Romeo’s position after they heard barking coming from the rubble.

His owners were returning to their home, accompanied by firefighters, when they heard the barking. Romeo must have sensed his owners and decided to alert them to his position.

According to ABC, Romeo’s parents were asleep on the second floor of their home when the earthquake struck their town, Romeo was sleeping on the floor below. After hours of painful searching for him, they were eventually evacuated, leaving behind any hope of seeing Romeo again.

Until Friday evening, when a bright eyed and bushy tailed Romeo greeted them after being pulled from the rubble.

A video has been released of the rescuers freeing Romeo from the ruins of a building in Amatrice, where 231 residents were killed during the August 24 earthquake.

Romeo has recovered with very minimal injuries and according to the video, was overjoyed after being reunited with his family.


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